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Mindjet Mobile 1.1 Updates Now Available!

As promised we are rapidly developing our iPhone and iPad apps. The 1.1 versions are out and our first update to our Mindjet mobile apps are now available on iTunes! In this update you will find that we’ve made improvements to:

  • The Look & Feel
  • More Idea Shapes
  • Line & Fill Color Options
  • Copy Feature

Changes to the Look & Feel

In this update we’ve included MindManager priority markers and icons from the MindManager icon library. With this update we’ve really tried to bring the desktop look and feel to our mobile apps.

Mindjet 1.1 update

Figure 1: MindManager Desktop Look & Feel – Now Offering Priority Markers & MindManager Icons

More Idea Shapes

Now you can place your ideas in rectangles, ovals etc…

New Map Shapes

Figure 2: More Idea Shapes


Line & Fill Color Options

Now you can customize the color scheme of your maps.

Line & Fill Colors

 Figure 3: Line & Fill Color Menu

Copy Feature

Introducing the copy feature, now you aren’t limited to cut & paste!

Copy Feature

Figure 4: Copy Feature


Don’t have Mindjet’s mobile apps yet?

No problem! They are available on the iTunes app store today!

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