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MindManager 2012 Coming Attractions: Directed Brainstorming

Preview the latest and greatest features right here. Become a brainstorming blackbelt with our built-in three step process that will make you “the Karate Kid” of your team!

With MindManager 2012 you will stimulate and capture the best people’s brightest ideas.

MindManager has always been great for capturing and displaying ideas generated during a brainstorming session. Now we’ve added a process to help you define what problem you are trying to solve, inspire original ideas, and categorize and refine those ideas so that you can proceed with a defined action plan. MindManager 2012 takes you through a three step process to make your brainstorming sessions more productive:


  • Step 1: Define Challenges:  Clarify the brainstorming topic by adding your own questions or using our pre-set of questions.
  • Step 2: Generate Ideas:  Spark insight via new brainstorm flash cards.  Use words images and questions to help you look at the topic in a fresh way.
  • Step 3: Categorize and Refine: Make the information work by categorizing, sorting, and refining so you can then act on your best ideas.

Coming soon! MindManager 2012. Produced by Mindjet and starring you.

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