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Premiering Mindjet MindManager 2012 Professional for Windows!

Over the summer you’ve seen our previews. In just over a week Mindjet MindManager 2012 Professional for Windows premieres and we’re counting down to the September 22nd launch!

We think MindManager 2012 is the most significant release in the product’s history. Check out today’s press announcement for more details on why.

MindManager 2012 is the latest version of our leading visual mapping  software and has been designed to be easier to use and at the same time more powerful for our over 2 million users.

As mentioned in my previous “sneak peak” blog posts MindManager 2012 will have lots of new features. With the new guided brainstorming capability we help you and your team get more creative.  Through a fun, three step process you generate dozens of ideas and then easily hone the list down to the winner.  With MindManager 2012 we’ll help define your challenge, generate creative ideas, and then categorize and sort the ideas to create a defined action plan.

Marker Index automatically generates a searchable list based on the markers you’ve placed in your map, making it easier to navigate large maps.

Dynamic Integration with SharePoint means that all of the assets you store in SharePoint can now be displayed inside MindManager.

The new Task Filter feature automatically includes presets for resources, priorities, due dates, milestones, and statuses for tasks.   

Yesterday we announced Mindjet Connect, and, with this, all your maps can be shared with your extended team using the integrated cloud-based service.  With Mindjet Connect you can securely store up to 1 GB of maps online so that you invite guests to view and edit your maps.

Regardless whether they are down the hall or across the globe you can now collaborate with all your critical team members to get work done.  It’s integrated into MindManager 2012 and, best of all, access is completely free.   

MindManager 2012 & Mindjet Connect Compatibility

For first timers, we’ve also made it easier to get up and going with in-product videos that quickly demo major features and show easy ways to get going.  We’ve also integrated Maps For That! so you can share, download and comment on literally hundreds of maps right within the product.  Plus, you can get going with one of the over new 50 templates that are  just a click away.

MM2012 Getting Started

Here are some other great new features that haven’t already discussed in my “sneak peak” blog posts:

Analysis View: Make better decisions by prioritizing and categorizing your mapped topics using the new Analysis View.  The tool allows you to place topics into a predefined series of 2×2 analytics charts. Standard charts include Cost vs. Opportunity, Urgent vs. Important, SWOT and others. Unlike standard “table generation” products (like Microsoft Excel) which are typically based on quantitative data, the Analysis View allows people to create and dynamically move different alternative topics in the chart that reflects the team’s qualitative feedback.

MM2012 Payroll Analysis 
Enhanced Hyperlinks & Browsing: Based on popular demand, you can now assign multiple hyperlinks per topic.  We’ve also made it easier to use MindManager’s browser to conduct research. While you are using the built -in browser to navigate web pages, you have new right click menu functions to send images, selected text, or an entire page to your map as topics. You can now set a home page for the browser that you use in MindManager.

MM2012 Hyperlinks

Gantt Chart Improvements:  You can now drag and drop topics onto the Gantt chart to make them tasks.  Printing of Gantt charts is easier with print preview and the ability to select a specific date range for printing.


MM2012 Gantt Chart Improvements

New users can get started faster, and experienced users will be more productive with a new getting started pane and enhancements to the MindManager interface.

New “Getting Started” pane – A series of videos and images with text guide a new user through the basic tasks required to create their first information map.

Improved Ribbon – The Home tab on the ribbon now contains all of the most frequently used mapping functionalities. More advanced functionalities are now grouped in more intuitive categories on the other tabs.

New templates – 36 new templates are included with the product, as well as access to an online Gallery and selected content from the “Maps For That!” community site.

MM2012 Templates

MindManager 2012 premieres in less than ten days. The countdown to a better way to work has begun.

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