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Premiering Mindjet Connect and MindManager 2012!

It’s been a big couple of weeks at Mindjet with lots of activity and press coverage about Mindjet Connect, our new free cloud-based service that provides a better way for people to collaborate on the actual work that needs to get done; and MindManager 2012, the most powerful release of the desktop product that set the standard for information mapping products.

Today, both products are available to the public. Enjoy!

With our new products we’ve raised the bar on how teams collaborate and how people visualize and manage information, but don’t take our word for it. There’s been a lot press since we announced last week. Take their word for it.


“By all means, if your business is like ours and it is drowning in a sea of Web-based tasks, Mindjet Connect can be a refreshing change. And it offers a compelling way to solve problems.”


“Mindjet retools with cloud-based work management, acquisition.”


“…popular mind-mapping and visualisation application, MindManager 2012 , is a major upgrade.”

Visual Mapper

“Mindjet might just put the others out of business!!”


“Recent acquisitions and new tools from Mindjet are making cloud-based collaboration even easier and more productive.”


“Mindjet’s strength will be the ability to use visualization to further develop ideas, and then transition a project to execution.”


“(Mindjet)… just revealed multiple solutions to improve the way people work in a team and reinforce collaborative work management.”


“Daily App Deals: Organize Your Thoughts With Mindjet, Now Free.”

The word is out. At Mindjet we’ve got a product for you.

Want your team to achieve more? Mindjet Connect will help your team get on the same page and stay on the same page and is available for FREE!

Looking for the most powerful way to visualize your info and ideas? Try out MindManager 2012!

Want collaborative work management on the go? Join the over 250,000 people who have made our FREE iPad and iPhone apps among the most popular on iTunes.

Mindjet’s mission is to help people work better, together – whether your team is across the hall or around the world. Today we launch two exciting products that help us deliver upon that mission.

We hope that you’ll use our products and tell us how we are doing. And, check back here for more exciting product announcements and news in the weeks and months ahead.

Together, the future is ours.

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