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Salud to September Mappie Winners!

It’s September, and by now everyone should know what that means: the September Mappies! This month’s Mappie goes to Laura Trolez & the Signos Team!

 Signos Team

September’s winning map is all about how to market wine. This month’s map is not only informative, it’s also visually very stunning without being overwhelming.  

September Mappies Map

I caught up with Laura and the Signos team to learn more about the makers of this month’s winning map.

Q: Where are you from?
Signos: Signos is a French-Argentinean company founded in Paris in 2006 and then in March 2009 we opened offices in Buenos Aires.

Laura: I come from Rennes in France.

Q: What do you do?
Signos: We provide training and management consulting in ideas and action for people and organizations. We empower people working individually and collaboratively with the help of mind mapping methodology and tools like Mindjet MindManager.  We help people imagine and innovate, analyse and synthesize, organize, manage, and make decisions to realize their visions.

Laura: I ‘m finishing my engineering studies in the food industry sector and I’m specializing in marketing. I’m currently in an internship for 6 months in Buenos Aires, with a company that sells wine over the Internet. My project is to study consumers’ expectations in order to improve the company’s strategy.

Q: How do you use MindManager?
Signos: We use Mind Manager daily for everything: mind mapping trainings, managing meetings, managing projects, and to help people clarify and organize their ideas and information.

Laura: I learned about MindManager during a mind mapping training, and I started to use it mostly to organize and manage my personal projects.

Q: Which words of phrases do you most overuse?
Signos: “Thinking is more interesting than knowing, but less interesting than looking.”-  Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Laura: Nothing is impossible

Q: What is your favorite occupation?
Signos: To map knowledge, understand how people mind map, enjoy Buenos Aires nights, drink wine (Argentinean and French 🙂 ), and travel the world to give mind mapping presentations.
Laura: Sport, a lot of running, I love sport to surpass myself.

Q: What is your life motto?
 Signos: To implement mind mapping in everyone’s mind.

Laura: Learn and always discover more.

Q: What’s winning the Mappies feel like?
Signos: We are very proud of Laura, one of our students who learned how to mind mapping in April. Laura is certificated Signos (expert in individual mind mapping) and made this map for her internship. Winning the Mappies makes us want to train more and more successful mappers. 

Laura: I’m very happy to share this win with the Signos team. Thanks to them for helping me discover this powerful tool and methodology.

The Mappies are Maps For That!’s monthly award. Submissions for the next month are accepted until the 15th. Any submissions after the 15th are automatically entered into consideration for the following month. To learn more visit Maps For

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