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MindManager 2012 Integration with Mindjet Connect

I hope you are all having a great time working with MindManager 2012. This blog post will give you a little more detail on how to get up and running with Mindjet Connect Free. As I mentioned in my previous post, signing up for a Mindjet Connect Free account is quick and easy. Let’s see how you can do this from inside of MindManager 2012.

Launching Mindjet Connect from Inside MindManager 2012

MM2012 Connect Status

Your first time in MindManager 2012, you will see the Sign In button in the lower left hand corner of the screen. When you click the Sign In button, the following dialog box pops up:

MM2012 Connect Login

If you have an existing Mindjet ID (usually your email) you can use it here to log in. If you don’t have a Mindjet ID, just click the “Sign Up” link and you will be taken to the registration page.

Once signed in, you can select the Mindjet Connect button that shows up in the lower left hand corner of your copy of MindManager 2012, and you are ready to start using Connect. (Note:  you will only need to sign up once. Subsequently—whenever you start MindManager 2012, you will be logged in automatically to Mindjet Connect.)

MM2012 Connect Login Status

Once you click the Mindjet Connect button, the Mindjet Connect interface will appear:

Connect Interface

The account name will be your last name plus “Connect Free Account”  (for example, mine is Miller Connect Free Account).  From this dialog box you can select “Upload” to upload the map that you would like to share from your desktop into your Mindjet Connect account.

Sharing Maps in Connect

Once you have a map saved in your account, you are ready to hit the “Share ” button.  There is a Share button both on the Home tab of MindManager 2012 and in the Mindjet Connect interface. (Note: you can only share maps that have been saved in your Mindjet Connect Account).  The Share button looks like this in both interfaces:

MM2012 Share

When you hit the Share button you will see the following dialog box populate:

Connect Share Map

In this example I selected “Share Wwith a New Person”. From here, all you need to do is enter the recipient’s email address, along with the person’s first and last name. Additionally, you can also select the recipient’s access level to the map: read-only, or read and edit access.

Connect Select Recipient To Share With

After that, you hit Share (at the bottom of the Share dialog) and you will be shown a copy of the email that is to be sent to your contact. If the email looks good, select the OK button and it will be sent off to the contact.

Connect Share Email Preview

In the above example, I’ve used my home account information as the “contact information”. The recipient will then receive the email with a link to your map. After clicking the link, the recipient will be dropped automatically into Mindjet Connect with the map open and ready to be viewed and edited (according to the access levels you’ve selected).

Have fun working with MindManager 2012 and Mindjet Connect!

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