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Mindjet Connects Vision and Action into One Single Application

Mindjet is focused on enabling individuals, teams, and enterprises to work better collaboratively. Our “secret sauce” for doing this is the way we combine “vision” (the ability to capture ideas and information, organize and store that information, and then create relevant project or work plans) with “action” (the ability to take those plans and ensure they are actually carried out in a coordinated and effective way).

Customer response has been fantastic:

“We use Mindjet almost as much as email; it helps us collaborate on everything. With Mindjet we plan and run whole projects.  We brainstorm on ideas, assign tasks, get alerts and track progress on who’s doing what, when it’s supposed to be done and how far along it is.” – Sterling G. Smith, Office Manager, Get the Point

With Mindjet Connect I get complete visibility into plans and projects. I can see it, I know it and follow it. I don’t have to ping anyone anymore. I can visually see exactly where we are in our critical path, what needs to be done first and what might what hold us up.” – Gary Hielkema, President, Sensor Link

The Mindjet portfolio includes rich (and very popular) desktop and mobile applications. Tying this all together, at the core of the portfolio, we had the appropriately named Mindjet Connect Vision and Mindjet Connect Action: two separate, cloud-based applications, which helped people bridge vision and action.

Two separate applications, no longer.

I am excited to announce that Mindjet has now completed the initial integration of our Connect Vision and Connect Action applications into one single application, now simply called Mindjet Connect. By combining Mindjet’s powerful and intuitive mapping methodology for brainstorming, information capture, and planning with Mindjet’s highly capable social task and work management technology, our customers now have access to a solution the likes of which has never existed in the market before.

With the new release of Connect – now available to both free users of Connect Basic as well as Mindjet’s Connect Business users – we have added the following capabilities:

– Integrated top level navigation between the Vision and Action elements of Connect, creating a seamless, single UI that allows individuals and teams to quickly move from the planning to execution stages of any project or set of work

Universal Navigation Between Vision & Action

– Social sign-in via Facebook and Google IDs (with more to come) enables seamless, one-click sign-in to Mindjet Connect for those who want to use their social IDs

Connect Social Sign on

– In-product connections to interactive videos and specific use-case “solutions” allow new users to get up to speed more quickly than ever

– Available storage has been doubled to 2GB for free Basic users and 5GB per Business member (pooled between the team members). Find out more about the differences between Connect Basic and Business here.

There are many applications out there that claim to aid in team collaboration – and putting “social” in the title of anything makes it sound sexy these days. It is true that having a virtual “water cooler” portal is useful and having a place to store and share files in the cloud is also valuable. But what organizations really need to do is to get work done more effectively and efficiently. This work – that is being done by both internal and external stakeholders – must be organized, planned, and acted upon in a complete and coordinated way. That is what that Mindjet platform is all about and that is what we have now delivered with Mindjet Connect.

Combining Connect Vision and Action is just the start. Over the next few months you will see increasingly tighter integrations of both the functionality within Connect, with the other members of the Mindjet product family, and with external services and applications.

Stay “Connected”.  You’ll be amazed at what true collaboration can do for your business.

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