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MindManager for Mac 9.5 update

The much anticipated wait is over. Today, we’re happy to announce the latest MindManager Version 9 for Mac update is now available for you to download. For the first time, Mac users will now be able to seamlessly access Mindjet’s cloud based collaboration service, Mindjet Connect, from inside their copy of MindManager Version 9 for Mac. This is the first of several planned updates that will focus on the continued evolution and enhancement of MindManager’s integration with Mindjet Connect.

So without further ado, let’s walkthrough what you can expect from this update.

Mindjet Connect and Share buttons

The first time you run MindManager after installing the update, you’ll be prompted to either sign up for a Mindjet Connect account or enter your login credentials for an existing account. If you choose to cancel, don’t worry you’ll be prompted with this option again – the next time you use either the new Mindjet Connect or Share icons. You’ll conveniently find these two new icons at the top right hand side of the MM 9.5 for Mac interface.

The Mindjet Connect button allows you to directly sign in to your Mindjet Connect Account.

MM9.5 - Connect Main Screen

Once you have logged onto Mindjet Connect you can add maps and other files from your desktop quickly and easily. Editing maps in Mindjet Connect is a breeze. To edit a map, you simply Check it out, edit it and, Check it back in. When a map is checked out, other people can access a read only copy, but they cannot edit it.

Share with a New Person

The Share button allows you to share any map stored in Mindjet Connect with others, all you need to supply is a name and email. When you share your map, you have the ability to specify the recipient’s privileges. There are two different settings you can select from:

  • Read Only: for those times when you want to limit someone’s privileges to only reading you map.
  • Read-Write: this allows the recipient to be able to both read and edit maps shared with them.

Using Mindjet Connect, collaborators can then open your map and easily edit it from within Mindjet Connect’s browser based mapping client, Mindjet’s mobile clients (Mindjet for iPhone, Mindjet for iPad), or from our MindManager desktop applications.
So what are you waiting for? Download the update today and get started turning your ideas into action.

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