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New! Mindjet Mobile Apps Update

In our continued effort to help individuals bring plans to action, we have added some new features to both of our mobile mapping apps (iOS and Android) today.

Mindjet for iPhone and iPad Version 2.7

In the latest Mindjet iOS release, we have added in a new quick topic entry capability. This new feature gives users the ability to quickly enter and name as many topics as needed, one right after the other. Additionally in an attempt to give users’ eyes a break, we’ve replaced the text-based navigation with icons in the edit widget. Lastly, we have made it easier to signup for Mindjet Connect. Now, you will be able to signup directly for Mindjet Connect from within the app. Users will now have the ability to directly access their account, without having to leave the app.

(Mindjet for iPhone now available.  Mindjet for iPad, version 2.7 coming soon!)

Mindjet for iPad screen shot

Mindjet for Android Version 2.0

Our Android update gives you integration with Mindjet Connect. This allows you to easily access your work from anywhere, at any time, on any device. With Mindjet Connect you will now have the ability to store your information maps and other files in the cloud. Then, you will also be able to edit it from either your mobile device or the built-in browser based client that comes with Mindjet Connect. With Mindjet Connect, you will be able to share maps from Connect with other team members, giving them the ability to view and edit your maps stored in Connect. Your Mindjet Connect Basic account is free, so why not download this update and give it a try today!

Mindjet for Android screen shot

In addition to integration with Mindjet Connect, we have also enhanced Mindjet for Android Dropbox ® integration. You can now access all the contents of your account, and synch only the folders you need. Last but not least, we’ve placed a feed to the Mindjet Blog, Consprie, in the Mindjet for Android app, giving you quick access to all of its great articles on visualization and collaborative work management.

So what are you waiting for, give them a try today!

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Editors Note: We’re happy to announce that we now have an update to Mindjet for iPad. To check it out click here.

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