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Extend Mindjet’s Power Inside Yammer

(In case you don’t live and breathe tech industry like we do here in San Francisco, Yammer is a private social network for your company and they were recently acquired by Microsoft. It is similar to online chat where you can share work updates in an activity feed but you don’t have to alert the entire company.)

Most of you know Connect Action is a great tool for sharing projects and tasks with your team.  However, not every stakeholder in your organization is able to actively participate in every one of them; that would be a lot of projects and tasks!

This is precisely the problem our new Yammer integration has solved.

Now, in Connect Action you can share task updates automatically to your Yammer followers by simply clicking the “visible to: Yammer” button in whatever task you would like to share. Within Yammer your followers will be effortlessly updated when you finish that critical project you have been working on all month. Furthermore, when your Yammer followers discover projects or tasks that they are interested in they can choose to jump right in to Action and participate, as they will automatically be given access to the task. This is a great way to promote transparency and “water cooler” style communication within your company.

It’s easy to get started and assign tasks:

1. Enable Yammer in Connect Vision Profile

Enable Yammer in Connect Vision Profile

2. Share a task to Yammer

A Task that has been Shared in Yammer

3. View task updates displayed in Yammer

Task updates displayed in Yammer

If you are not already a Connect or Yammer user, sign up here for Connect and here for Yammer and enable this feature.  It is a big help in improving communication across you organization.

To read more about Mindjet’s integration with Yammer click here.  Still want more?  Read the press release.

And as always, let us know what you think about the feature!

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