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2012 Mappie of the Year Announced!

It seems like just yesterday we were announcing our first ever Mappie, but here we are with the 2012 Mappie of the Year award. How time flies.

We would like thank everyone who participated — there was an overwhelming number of really great submissions that amassed over the last 12 months, and it made choosing just one winner a bit heartbreaking for our team. Before revealing the winner, we’d like to take a minute to also recognize the top three finalists. These maps were the top three most viewed submissions on Maps For Quite an accomplishment, if you ask us!

PMP Study Guide and Project Document Template

Marketing steps to sell wine

Project Status Template

We sent these entries off to be judged by mapping experts Michael Deutch and Chuck Frey. They were judged on creativity, design, the usefulness of the map’s content, and overall usability. So without further ado (drum roll if you please):

The 2012 Mappie Grand Prize goes to Marketing steps to sell wine!

Anyone in need of some help marketing some wine? Well, look no further. According to Deutch, this winning map was ultimately selected because it’s “a good example of using a Mindjet map to conduct research, organize it so that you can see the big picture. And then brainstorm alone or with teams to fill in the missing data. Then, with the holistic picture mapped out, use it to make better informed strategic and tactical decisions.” To learn a little about the personality behind the map, check out last September’s post on the map’s author, Laura Trolez. Congratulations and thank you once again to everyone who participated in the Mappies!

Want to check out all the cool map submissions we received? Check out Maps For

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