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An Easier Way To Bring Big Ideas Forward

Mindjet Releases Product Updates and All-Inclusive Pricing

We are passionate about how to connect you and your entire workplace to the big idea you want to act on, the big idea that can drive your business to better achievements. We are passionate about helping people work smarter.

So naturally, we had a big idea of our own, and it was no surprise that it came from listening to you—the explorers and the thinkers who are our customers.

True story: when you search “Working Smarter” you get 46,000,000 results.That’s a lot of hype. But unlike theories and promises, we know we can deliver a real and functional tool for smarter work—and not in six months or two years, but right now.

How do we know we can deliver?

83% of Fortune 100 companies now use Mindjet to take their big ideas to market, and 46 of Businessweek’s “50 “Most Innovative Companies” currently use Mindjet.

We’re also integrating with other services so our customers can maximize their ideas: Google, LinkedIn, Evernote, Twitter and Microsoft Office. We also recently integrated with the newest member of Microsoft’s family: Yammer, an enterprise social network that allows you to find and get the most from your internal resources.

We’re stronger when we collaborate. The inclusion of these services supports that notion by professionals a real opportunity to drive success from the resources they already have. But in order to do this successfully, they need end their self-imposed isolation:

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In other words, getting the most out of work today means mixing up what you already know with new and different approaches.

It all starts with an idea and the right team of people

Recent research by McKinsey points to the enormous return that currently sits locked up in social technologies. If we used social for better communication and collaboration inside and across business, McKinsey estimates:

  • A 20 to 25% increase in productivity for knowledge-based workers
  • A whopping $871 billion in annual global value unlocked

How do you get there from here?

Today we announced our answer. More dynamic, agile and connected: —I’m pleased to present Mindjet’s first fully integrated, collaborative product ever.

  • Mindjet is simpler.
  • Mindjet is more powerful.
  • Mindjet makes more sense everywhere you use it.

For $30 USD per month you get everything Mindjet has to offer.

1 product. 1 price. Any platform. How simple is that? No need to ask, “Which product do I buy?”  “What platform do I need?” or “How do I figure out the price? ”

You get Mindjet on your desktop, across platforms, on premise, in the clouds, and on all your mobile devices.

Read the Mindjet Press Release.

So. If you’re looking for the best time to get our award-winning brainstorming and social task management tools, look no further! With our new subscription- model pricing you get:

  • A lower entry price point
  • Automatic updates to the latest versions
  • Month-to-month flexibility to evaluate the value we’re giving you

What We Offer: Ideas to Action

With Mindjet now, you can:

  • Map ideas
  • Clearly outline options
  • Synthesize plans
  • Share them over the Web, on a mobile device, or on a laptop
  • Execute on your best ideas
  • Succeed

Our interactive visual framework helps inspire and capture your best ideas, refine and organize them, and turn them into projects with clear roles and responsibilities. Because when teams collaborate and innovate in real time, they stay on point, on task, on time.

Learn more about Mindjet product features.

Agile business is all about incremental improvement.

How did we get here? It wasn’t a stroke of genius. It wasn’t a “ta-DA” reveal. It came from listening to you, understanding your ideas and learning how to build on them.

But the process doesn’t end with this new Mindjet release. We will continue to listen, discuss and learn. In fact, we are continuing the discussion right here on Conspire. Next week.

We’ll premier a new series about what it takes to enable a truly connected workplace, starting with where we’ve been, followed by where we are today, and finally, what all that means going forward.

As always, I look forward to your thoughts on these matters…and the next big idea you help us come up with.

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