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Mindjet 11.3 for Windows Service Pack Now Available

The latest service pack for Mindjet for Windows version 11.3 is now available for you to download! The 11.3 service pack includes:

  • Enhanced check out when accessing files from your desktop, web or mobile devices
  • Now use the Escape key to exit the Walk Through mode
  • The Pinned Files in your Recent Files Tab is now sorted alphabetically
  • The Recent Files list is also now available in the Mindjet Files window
  • Other small changes to improve your experience with Mindjet


This service pack for Mindjet for Windows will give you a way to easily navigate, organize and access your maps and project plan faster and more efficiently– allowing you to further enjoy your Mindjet for Windows product.

Please download and install the service pack to improve your overall experience with Mindjet for Windows. In addition to the update executable, there is also a complete set of release notes that address the specific issues that have been addressed.

When you get a chance, be sure to check out the Mindjet Community support site. There you’ll find the latest feedback from customers as well as replies from Mindjet employees.

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