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50 Ways to Use Mind Maps to Drive Project Success

Do you want to deliver your projects successfully? Of course you do.

If you’re new to Mindjet, our software essentially offers a way to visualize you and your team’s thoughts, ideas, and information via dynamic mind maps which can then be transferred into a manageable task board. The result? You’ll see the big picture and uncover new opportunities, communicate more effectively, and make better decisions.

Many customers that I’ve spoken with initially associate Mindjet with brainstorming and the development of a project plan. As you’ll see here, there are dozens of other ways that you could take advantage of this approach to improve how you think though each project, tackle problems as they arise, conduct meetings and more.

Using mind maps to think through the following will help you deliver projects faster and more successfully:

  1. Prepare a new project proposal.
  2. Provide a clear vision statement that defines what to expect from the transformed business – its capabilities, service levels, costs and so on.
  3. Specify project goals and objectives.
  4. List assumptions going into the project.
  5. Identify any constraints that will impact plans.
  6. Develop project, resource, quality, risk, acceptance, communications, change management, and procurement plans.
  7. Prepare a statement of work.
  8. Create requests for information or proposals for outside support.
  9. Understand training requirements and prepare a plan.
  10. Determine what’s in scope or out of scope for the project.
  11. Define how success will be measured.
  12. Assess costs and expected benefits.
  13. Map the links between the project and organization’s key strategic priorities.
  14. Brainstorm alternative approaches.
  15. Justify moving forward with a business case.
  16. Articulate the project charter.
  17. Compose a project brief.
  18. Breakdown the plan and implementation into manageable steps.
  19. Document all the project deliverables and key milestones.
  20. Assign resources and prepare a team organization chart.
  21. Clarify roles and responsibilities.
  22. Conduct a project kickoff meeting to align the new team with the project goals.
  23. Illustrate the project process and policies for team members.
  24. Analyze the issues and concerns of project stakeholders.
  25. Conduct detailed stakeholder interviews.
  26. Gather business, marketing and technical requirements.
  27. Specify detailed use cases.
  28. Design your solutions and conduct appropriate design reviews.
  29. Draft product or software specifications.
  30. Compose any necessary test plans (e.g. beta tests, user acceptance tests, integration tests, etc…).
  31. Manage any localization efforts.
  32. Uncover and mitigate project risks.
  33. Solve project issues and document decisions.
  34. Prioritize planned activities.
  35. Prepare meeting agendas.
  36. Engage stakeholders in productive meetings.
  37. Capture and distribute meeting minutes.
  38. Communicate project status to the project sponsor and key stakeholders.
  39. Write project communications and supporting documentation.
  40. Evaluate scope change requests and their potential impact to the plan.
  41. Utilize project checklists to ensure quality throughout each phase.
  42. Monitor project progress in a comprehensive dashboard.
  43. Assess whether or not to continue the project at each major milestone or phase.
  44. Walk though project deliverables with client to ensure acceptance.
  45. Plan out maintenance and post-implementation support.
  46. Track best practices and lessons learned throughout the project.
  47. Conduct a lessons learned meeting with project participants.
  48. Prepare a project closure report.
  49. Measure and report on project outcomes.
  50. Perform a post implementation review.

I hope that these suggestions have inspired you. Have you found other ways to use mind mapping to help your projects run smoother and be more successful? Please add to the list. I look forward to reading your comments!

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