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5 Skills Every Workplace Leader Needs [INFOGRAPHIC]

There’s a decent amount of debate over what constitutes the “best” kind of leader in a given working environment nowadays. Cut-and-dry tactics that once made sense in hierarchal business structures mean less and less for modern teams, keeping us curious about what it really takes to develop universally-applicable leadership skills.

We want our leaders to be accountable but not take credit for us, enthusiastic but not annoying, exceptionally knowledgeable but personable. Basically, they have to be able step into a highbrow meeting with the board of directors and turn right around and participate in Thirsty Thursday’s chat about new music apps. Plus, we demand almost preternatural expertise and creativity from them when it comes to things like collaboration, innovation, motivation, and all the other -‘tions. So what’s necessary to get people to actually be leaders, instead of just carrying the title?

Some companies throw it all to the wind and skip the manager thing altogether; others make a very bad habit of promoting people into leadership roles based on seniority rather than aptitude. Whatever your strategy, it’s pretty hard to argue with the five necessary leadership skills laid out in this lovely infographic from New England College. Check it out and ask the question: do you have true leaders cultivating success and harmony in your company, or have you set yourself up for trouble?

5 Skills Every Workplace Leader Needs

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