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Mindjet’s 12 Days of Innovation: 2 Worthwhile Webinars

Happy holidays, innovation enthusiasts, and welcome to Mindjet’s 12 Days of Innovation! This 2014 spotlight series features hand-picked resources, upcoming events, webcasts, thought leadership pieces, and more to give you an inspirational boost for the coming year. Enjoy!


On the second day of innovation, we’d like to share with you: these two excellent webcasts — one that’s taken place, and one coming up. The first concerns the value of enterprise innovation; the other, four companies that mine data in order to discover ingenuity. And, don’t forget to check out yesterday’s post on why innovation is so much more than just a buzzword.

1. The Innovation Imperative: Michael Krigsman & an Expert Panel Discuss The Value of Innovation

This webinar, which originally took place in mid-November, focused on the role of innovation specifically in enterprise organizations. Michael and the panel — featuring Greg Hicks of Unitedhealth Group, Yasir Anwar of Macy’s, and Reed Elsevier’s Jeff Honious — participated in an in-depth conversation about innovation program goals, the ROI of their respective innovation programs, and the competitive advantages of various initiatives. They also touched on what innovation means at each of these experts’ organizations, what challenges they’ve overcome, and how they’ve successfully measured the results of their programs.

Click here to listen to the recorded webinar.

2. Four Companies Mining Data for Innovation

This VentureBeat webinar, happening tomorrow 12/11, highlights four companies that use data analysis to inform their innovation programs. From the announcement:

“Shimmin and the rest of the webinar panel will discuss how something so vast and complex can be made useful to real-world users. How do we extract the maximum value from that analytical fire hose? Whether you’re already collecting all the data you can, or just trying to figure out where to start, the webinar will present straight-from-the-trenches reports that can give you inspiring ideas as well as practical tips on turning data directly into actionable strategies and bottom line results.”

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