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MAP for MindManager 1.8: Chance to Win a Free License Key

Our partners at Olympic Limited have just released the latest version of MAP for MindManager. This awesome add-in now includes a Menu Group capability, Topic Properties, and three new functions to help you be even more effective with MindManager’s powerful Topic Properties and Formulas.

The Details

MAP for MindManager 1.8 enables users to copy groups of Topic Properties and quickly build Map templates that utilize Topic Properties.

MM_property clipboardProperties can be copied simultaneously, so that all types are copied; or, users can copy individual groups, such as “all Formulas” or “all Custom Properties.” If necessary, Properties can be copied with or without their values.

Extended Properties and Excel Spreadsheets

Extended Properties let’s you include Topic Task information on Topics in a Property, making it usable in both Topic Formulas and Autocalc structures. There are also several pre-calculated Properties you can use to determine values for things like days until a task starts, or time left until a specific task is due. Plus, Topics update as you work, bringing an extra layer of functionality to the table.

These new Properties, which are only available by using the MAP add-in, enable you to use Excel Spreadsheet Cell values to populate MindManager Properties, which can then be used in Formulas and Autocalc.


Stay tuned for the next MAP release, coming July 2015. To learn more about Mindjet’s MindManager mind mapping software, click here.

More About MAP

MAP for MindManager has been designed to extend the capability and improve the application of Mindjet MindManager in both business and personal use. MAP is developed by Olympic Limited, a premier UK Mindjet Value Added Partner, who have been developing and providing add-ins and solutions for MindManager for over 10 years. Learn more about other add-ins and solutions currently available on the Olympic website, where you can download trials and free content such as Macros and Image packs to help you use MindManager for Windows. MAP for MindManager is available for Mindjet 11, MindManager 14 and MindManager 15 (32/64 bit).

Win a Free MAP License Key!

Be the first to answer this month’s trivia question and you could win a free MAP license key!

THE QUESTION: MindManager won the Bronze in Collaboration and Knowledge Management for what award, and in what year?

ANSWER: The 2013 Edison Awards. Congratulations to this month’s trivia winner, Scott Gerhardt!


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