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How Do You Use Mind Mapping Software (and MindManager in particular)? Please Participate in the Mind Mapping Survey.

When we create content and programs to help new users take advantage of MindManager, our goal is to communicate real life best practices from MindManager users.  With the release of MindManager 2016 for Windows, I imagine that many of you will be able to take advantage of the new flowcharts (and other new features) to expand the ways you use the software.  I’m especially interested in knowing how those of you who work in IT and systems management use MindManager today and how you foresee using the new features in the future.  If you work in IT and are willing to share your MindManager experiences and expectations with me, please email me at

This doesn’t mean we’re not interested in how all of you use MindManager — we definitely are and encourage you to participate in the 2015 Mind Mapping Software Trends survey organized by Chuck Frey.  Please visit the Mind Mapping Software blog to learn more about the survey and the incentive for participating.

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