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Announcing the New MindManager Enterprise

The Mindjet team at Corel has just released the new MindManager Enterprise. We’re pleased to give our corporate customers a new MindManager that’s easily integrated into any enterprise environment. The latest release offers simple network deployment, SharePoint integration, support for industry-standard authentication protocols, and a depth of functionality that’s truly unmatched.

With mind mapping, diagram creation, visual planning tools, flexible sharing options and more, MindManager Enterprise helps improve communication and collaboration. It’s never been easier to turn ideas into strategies, action and success. Upgrade customers can now take advantage of new enterprise-ready updates that include: 

  • MindManager Enterprise 2017 for Windows, Service Release 1
  • MindManager 10 for Mac (version 10.5)
  • MindManager Server App for SharePoint
  • MindManager Reader for Mac and Windows
  • And the large-scale deployment admin builds for Windows

Enterprise is based on the power of our recently released MindManager 2017 for Windows with many new and powerful features covered here. And if you’re looking for info on the latest Mac version, you can also find details about MindManager 10.5 for Mac here.

Here’s an overview of what’s new in this MindManager Enterprise service release:

MindManager Enterprise for Windows

HTML5 Interactive Map Export

First, we’re making it easier to share your breakthrough thinking with everyone in your organization. We’ve enhanced the new HTML5 Map Export within MindManager Enterprise for Windows with the following new capabilities:

  • Topic Links: Link one topic to another topic
  • Layouts: Horizontal Timeline
  • Layouts: Vertical Timeline
  • Relationship Style: Right angle relationship style
  • Topic Styles: Topic styles visualized
  • Images Optimized: EMF and WMF images in maps are converted to PNG formats to display properly within the export

The HTML5 export can be shared and viewed on any modern browser. Viewers can navigate and search, open and close branches, and access links, attachments and topic notes.

The latest HTML5 export improvements can also be downloaded and easily added to MindManager 10 for Mac (version 10.5+).

Advanced Project Scheduling
Drive productivity and success with new advanced project management features exclusive to MindManager enterprise including:

  • An enhanced and customizable Gantt chart that opens in a separate window
  • An ability to optimize your project schedule, remove slack, and move the schedule to a new start date or to have it complete on a specific date
  • Visualize overbooked resources in the new Resource chart
  • An option to visualize today’s date, highlight weekends and non-working days, and quickly navigate to today, the beginning or end of any project
  • New project reporting capabilities

With the power and flexibility of Advanced Project Scheduling, it’s easier than ever to see an entire project and improve business processes from start to finish.

2016-12-02_13-50-53 - Advanced Scheduling

SharePoint Integration
We’ve extended our integration with Microsoft SharePoint. Now, in addition to task name, priority, progress, resources, start date and end date, users can synchronize ‘categories’ between tasks in MindManager and their counterparts in SharePoint. Make a change in one application and the other application will get updated automatically.

It’s also easier to create task plans in MindManager or reassign tasks by downloading resources from a SharePoint site for task assignments within MindManager.

We’ve also extended the ways to authenticate with SharePoint. Take advantage of new support for Office 365 Authentication, Azure ADFS/On Premises Authentication, and MFA Authentication, in addition to Windows NTLM Authentication and Forms Based Authentication.

MindManager SharePoint Integration

Dashboard Map Roll-ups
We’ve added a new capability to create dashboard roll-up maps. You can add read-only topics or entire branches from one or more locally stored maps into a dashboard roll-up. This is a great way to roll multiple project plans and status into a single project portfolio dashboard.

The team also made many additional bug fixes and updates.  You’ll find improvements to display the interface with high DPI settings, enhancements to the share button in the ribbon, optimized display upon opening of single sided maps like right-facing maps and org charts, and a number of other fine-tuning usability and bug fixes.

2016-12-02_13-45-00 - Dashboard rollup

MindManager Server App for SharePoint

Enhanced Display of MindManager maps

SharePoint 2013 and 2016 users can now open and view maps that look nearly identical to maps created in either the Windows or Mac desktop apps.

The following are now able to be viewed for the first time in your browser when the SharePoint app is installed:

  • Layout Timeline – Horizontal
  • Layout Timeline – Vertical
  • Layout – Up Tree
  • Layout – Workflows, Concept Maps, Swim Lane diagrams
  • Workflow Topic Shapes
  • Topic Numbering
  • Topic Properties
  • Formulas
  • Comments
  • Custom Topic Shapes
  • Resource Load
  • Task Roll ups
  • Task Highlights
  • Topic Styles
  • Map Backgrounds

The new version of the MindManager Server App for SharePoint presents maps as read-only. Users can still edit maps using MindManager Enterprise.

MindManager Reader for Mac and Windows

In addition, we’ve also released a new lightweight reader application that can open MindManager maps on Windows and Mac operating systems. The interactive reader is perfect for deployment within organizations to ensure anyone can view MindManager maps.

We look forward to hearing your feedback and wish you all the best for a successful 2017!


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