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Six weeks ago, we launched MindManager 2018. It was a big deal for us here at Corel, but we hoped it might be also be a big deal for those who use and count on this software in their everyday business as well. While we can’t necessarily make everyone happy, we are so genuinely thrilled to hear how this latest edition of our software has been received. Here are some highlights that we’ve seen to date:

From the MindMapping Software Blog:

  • “We’re all benefiting from the fact that Corel came along and was able to look at MindManager from a fresh perspective – and to devote more resources to it – to realize some of the advances that weren’t possible before. The direction in which this powerful mind mapping program is headed is refreshing and exciting.”

From the Biggerplate Blog:

  • “MindManager 2018 explores visual approaches that are outside of pure “mind mapping”, but firmly in the space of visual thinking and working.”

From the Razor Social Blog:

  • “Mind mapping is a great way of thinking through a process or a structure and once it’s created it’s easy to update. By really planning out and thinking about what you want to deliver this can really help with the quality of what you eventually deliver.”

From Deal Crunch’s Industry Blog:

  • “MindManager also fosters better team communication. While standard business tools like group chat or email can facilitate collaboration, MindManager goes a step further by allowing users to visualize everything in an interactive framework.”

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