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Insights from Our EVP of Sales & Marketing: How to Keep Your Team Aligned

We’ve been talking a lot recently about team productivity, but I wanted to take a step back and re-visit the topic of team alignment for this post. I think most project managers would agree that the first step in being productive as a team is to be aligned as a team. Without getting everyone on the same page before the project starts, you’re going to be on the fast track to failed projects and missed goals.

Jason Wesbecher - EVP Sales and Marketing at Corel

Jason Wesbecher – EVP Sales and Marketing at Corel

Recently, Jason Wesbecher, Corel’s Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, published an article on that examines the effect of misalignment on teams and the impact it has on bottom line results. He also gives his insight into how you can ensure your team is aligned and ready to take on any project going forward.

In the spirit of alignment and getting our valued readers on the same page, I thought I’d create a quick summary map of the article for you to browse. Many conferences have been using mind maps lately as a way to record key ideas and concepts presented by their speakers. They then can provide these mind maps to attendees – or people who weren’t able to attend – as an easy and efficient way to communicate the complex concepts presented at the conference. Mind maps have become the tool of choice for this type of record keeping because they can be created in a matter of minutes, can store large amounts of data, links and documents in a single dashboard, and are full of mental triggers that help your brain store complex information more easily. According to, that’s because “the use of colors, images and keywords in mind mapping aids in enhancing your memory and retention.” Sounds like a great way to get everybody aligned!

Browse through the mind map below to see Jason’s to see the valuable tips that Jason shared in his article.

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