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PSA: Your Presentations Are Putting People to Sleep

You’ve undoubtedly experienced the exquisite torture of “death by PowerPoint” — too many slide, and a speaker who is simply reading word-for-word from them. The result? People’s minds start to drift, or worse, become completely disengaged. The presentation therefore fails to achieve it intended objectives: to share important knowledge.

A mind map presentation will not only clearly communicate knowledge, but will captivate and engage your audience, whether you’re in the executive board room or the windowless meeting room at the end of the hall. Using mind mapping software software for presentations is a powerful and attractive alternative because you can:

Create great presentations quickly:

  • Distilling your ideas with a map is intuitive, while most presentation software can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Plus, you can use a template to guide you and keep you focused.

Use visuals to help your audience remember:

  • A mind map creates a visual image for your audience. Research has shown that we remember visual images much more easily and better than words.

Invite real-time collaboration:

  • Unlike slides, which are static, a map invites audience interaction in a natural and fluid way. When people participate, they are engaged. And engaged brains absorb knowledge!

Follow each of these tips to turn your presentations into engaging and highly useful meetings for your colleagues.

Resources To Help You Deliver Better Presentations

To help you deliver great presentations that deliver knowledge effectively and clearly, we’ve compiled a list of additional resources to get you started.

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