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[Webinar] Learn Tips and Tricks for Working with MindManager

Nick Duffill - Mind Mapping Expert and Webinar PresenterIf you’ve used MindManager for any significant period of time, you likely know that there are many different ways to create, edit and use a map. You’ve also likely developed your own unique workflows and processes for creating the maps you use in your day-to-day business. And that’s great! The team at MindManager has purposely created tonnes of features over the years to that are aimed at helping you get where you need to go.

To help you get even more out of these features, we regularly run webinars aimed at demonstrating different ways to accomplish certain tasks with MindManager. And in our popular webinar series “Tips & Tricks”, we show you how you can make working with MindManager easier.

Our next Tips & Tricks webinar is coming up on September 19 at 4PM BST. In this webinar presented by mind mapping expert Nick Duffill, and hosted by MindManager’s Director of Technical Services, Steven Bashford, you’ll learn some of the following tips and tricks:

  • Choosing the right shape for your topics
  • Keeping track of the most important items in your map
  • Time-saving keyboard shortcuts
  • Filtering your data more effectively
  • Adding your own icons
  • Tricks for working with large maps
  • And much more!

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