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Jeff Kearns - Former RCN Officer, Consultant and MindManager Customer

Interview with a MindManager Customer: “MindManager is an essential tool for the ‘accidental’ project manager,” says Jeff Kearns

You might have noticed that my interview with project manager John Rogers and Gretta Pecl were focused on the topic of Alignment. What sparked my initial interest is this finding from a recent survey of more than 1,000 North American workers: 77% of respondents reported that not enough time is spent… Read more »
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University of Tasmania Logo

Interview with a MindManager Customer: “Alignment on project goals is critical,” says Gretta Pecl

Gretta Pecl doesn’t have the words “Project Manager” anywhere in her title, but it’s clear her work is a series… Read more »
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Publish Feature - Sample Project Plan Map

MindManager’s Publish Feature: Share Maps Almost Anywhere with Anyone

If my name doesn’t look familiar, that’s probably because this is my first ever post as a member of the… Read more »
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Image of Stressed Worker Unable to Sleep

[INFOGRAPHIC] What Keeps Project Managers Up At Night?

Want to Learn More? Download our free Workplace Planning & Productivity Report 2018 to learn what employees from across North… Read more »
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A Photo of John Rogers - Veteran IT Professional and Avid MindManager Customer

Interview with a MindManager Customer: “MindManager is essential to project team alignment,” says John Rogers

In my first post, I said I’d return to share the variety of applications that customers have found for MindManager… Read more »

You like it, You really like it!

Six weeks ago, we launched MindManager 2018. It was a big deal for us here at Corel, but we hoped… Read more »
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Have you hugged your product manager lately?

“When someone is compelled to come up and hug you at the Farmer’s Market because you work on MindManager, you… Read more »
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