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MindManager 2020 for Windows

NEW in MindManager 2020: Advanced Excel Integrations

One of the primary goals of MindManager is to help our users solve is what we call “The Information Problem.” Information – lots of it – is essential to success. But all of that critical information is also overwhelming to process and manage. Case in point: Excel spreadsheets. Excel is,… Read more »
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MindManager Blog | What is brainstorming?

What is brainstorming? And why is it important?

Brainstorming is often touted as a great technique that business professionals can use to generate new and unique ideas. It’s… Read more »
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Classroom Learning Feature Image

Why you should adopt mind mapping for learning

By: Grace Godwin Most people learn best when knowledge is presented to them visually, especially when it involves vibrant colours… Read more »
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MindManager Blog | Remote Teams

5 secrets to effective remote team communication

Guest Blogger: Yaakov Karda, co-founder of One of the biggest hurdles faced by remote companies is how to ensure… Read more »
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MindManager Blog Feature Image - Mind Map Templates

Using concept maps to solve problems, design processes, and codify organizational knowledge

Michael Deutch is a brand ambassador for MindManager software. After 12 years of working on the MindManager portfolio as VP… Read more »
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MindManager | Nordics Region

MindManager strengthens its presence in the Nordic region

By: Sebastien Woodroffe, Field Marketing Manager at MindManager As part of our commitment to our valued customers in the Nordics, the… Read more »
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MindManager for Education

The role of mind mapping in education

By: Grace Godwin Mind mapping in education is an effective tool for students and educators seeking to maximize the learning… Read more »
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