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Archives: Process Design and Documentation
Business Process Optimization | MindManager Blog

Business process optimization: Why it’s important, and how to boost your success

By: Jill Huettich If you’ve been thinking about business process optimization, you’re in good company. Research shows that more and more organizations are opting to invest in business process optimization initiatives. As a result, the business process management market is expected to reach a whopping $13.5 billion by 2021. As… Read more »
Business Process Mapping | MindManager Blog

What is business process mapping?

By: Jill Huettich Before we get into the nitty-gritty of business process mapping, allow us to briefly relay a story… Read more »
Flowchart Feature Image | MindManager Blog

Use flowcharts to document your work processes

You’ve probably heard the term flowchart or workflow before. It’s a technique that’s used across different industries and workplaces to… Read more »
How flowcharts unlock great user experience design MindManager Blog

How flowcharts unlock great user experience design

By: Sia Banihashemi When my team and I started defining the user experience for the latest iteration of Co-Editing (available… Read more »
Concept Maps | MindManager Blog

Using concept maps to solve problems, design processes, and codify organizational knowledge

Concept maps are diagrams that illustrate relationships between different concepts and ideas. It is often used by designers, engineers, technical… Read more »

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