Our mightiest Mac version yet! See what’s new in 12.

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MindManager 12 for Mac

Introducing MindManager 12 for Mac! See your work in a whole new light.

Attention Mac fans! We have some exciting news to share with you. This week, we launched the most powerful and… Read more »
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Digital Brainstorming | Feature Image

How mind mapping helps crystallize your goal setting

Guest Blogger: Dan Fries The human brain is likely the most powerful device on the planet. Although today’s computers may… Read more »
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Kanban Project Management

Why you should adopt Kanban project management

Let me put a scenario into your head, one that most project managers can relate to. You’ve been tasked by… Read more »
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MindManager Employees - Favourite Feature Series

How this marketing intern uses MindManager in her daily work

In this blog series, MindManager team members explain how they use the software in their daily work. Brendan McConnell, Field… Read more »
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MindManager | Mind Mapping Software

MindManager is now available in Spanish and Dutch

We know that a lot of MindManager users throughout Latin America and Europe have been requesting Spanish and Dutch versions… Read more »
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Project Management - MindManager

5 stages of the project management process

A few weeks ago, we took a big step back and talked about the basics of project management – what… Read more »
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“MindManager is by far the best facilitation and project planning tool,” says Craig Curran-Morton

Craig Curran-MortonFlip Chart Collaboration Inc. In this month’s installment of the Interview with a MindManager Customer blog series, we’re talking… Read more »
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