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Task Mangement | MindManager Blog

How task management helps you accomplish more goals

By: Leanne Armstrong If you tend to move through your day in a blur of sticky notes and to-do lists… Read more »
Developing a strategic plam | MindManager Blog

Developing a strategic plan? Get started with this template

By: Jill Huettich: Developing a strategic plan is essential for businesses that want to thrive in today’s competitive environment. Yet unfortunately,… Read more »
Strategic Planning Process | MindManager Blog

The 6 steps of the strategic planning process

By: Jill Huettich Strategic planning is one of the most important undertakings that a business can engage in. However, it… Read more »
MindManager 2020 for Windows

NEW in MindManager 2020: Learning Center with built-in tutorials

By: Karen Wilson I’m a pretty new user of MindManager and I’m thoroughly enjoying the process of learning all the ways… Read more »
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What is strategic planning? | MindManager Blog

What is strategic planning? We walk you through the basics

By: Jill Huettich Pondering strategic planning? Good for you! Ironically, as important as strategic planning can be to a business’… Read more »
Managing Information Overload | MindManager Blog

The ultimate guide to managing information overload

By: Jill Huettich: Just for a moment, imagine how you might’ve satisfied your curiosity in the 1960s. The Internet hadn’t… Read more »
Project Planning Process | MindManager Blog

6 steps to a successful project planning process

By: Leanne Armstrong Whether you’re working alone or as part of a group, you need a proper plan to take… Read more »
Creating a Project Plan | MindManager Blog

What is project planning, and how will it benefit your next project?

By: Leanne Armstrong Eager to get to work on that new project you’ve just been handed? Before you put together… Read more »
MindManager Employees - Favourite Feature Series

MindManager: the all-in-one business tool

In an age of overwhelming information, one where businesses and workers are dealing with more data than ever before, connection… Read more »
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Brainstorming Tools | MindManager Blog

Popular brainstorming tools, and when to use them with your team

By: Leanne Armstrong . Brainstorming is an incredibly versatile group creativity technique. With the right brainstorming tools, you and your team… Read more »

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