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Concept Maps | MindManager Blog

Using concept maps to solve problems, design processes, and codify organizational knowledge

Concept maps are diagrams that illustrate relationships between different concepts and ideas. It is often used by designers, engineers, technical… Read more »
MindManager | Nordics Region

MindManager strengthens its presence in the Nordic region

By: Sebastien Woodroffe, Field Marketing Manager at MindManager As part of our commitment to our valued customers in the Nordics, the… Read more »
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MindManager for Education

The role of mind mapping in education

By: Grace Godwin Mind mapping in education is an effective tool for students and educators seeking to maximize the learning… Read more »
Tags: Education
MindManager 2020 for Windows

NEW in MindManager 2020: MindManager Snap

How many times has it happened to you? An idea you’ve been searching for coming to you from out of… Read more »
Tags: Product News
Spider Diagrams | MindManager Blog

Using spider diagrams for brainstorming, planning and more

Work and life, at times, can be chaotic and unclear. Often it’s difficult to see a path forward, create a… Read more »

MindManager recognized by TrustRadius as a 2019 Top Rated Diagramming Software

This week, TrustRadius announced that MindManager has been named a 2019 Top Rated Diagramming Software. And while we always appreciate… Read more »
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MindManager 2020 for Windows

MindManager 2020 for Windows: Q&A with Our Head of Product

Blair YoungMindManager’s Head of Product As you’ve likely read by now, the team at MindManager is thrilled about the recent… Read more »
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