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From Ideation to Project Management — MindManager Improves Business Efficiency with the Power to Visually Capture, Process, and Share Information

The Crunch: Businesses often suffer from information overload as they parse mountains of data from multiple applications and sources. And that overload costs more than time. It can lead to a company missing valuable steps in its internal planning processes. MindManager the leading information visualization software based on the concept of mind-mapping, enables small teams and enterprises to gain actionable insights, plan projects, and collaborate with team members. By creating customizable planning maps and offering deep integration with essential software tools like SharePoint, the new MindManager 2018 helps businesses harness information more efficiently and intuitively.

MindManager 2018: Launch Q&A

A powerful new product and an exciting new era!
The latest version of MindManager for Windows has landed, and with lots of interesting and innovative new additions to talk about! We caught up with Product VP Michael Deutch about this new release, his new life at Corel (who acquired Mindjet in 2016), and the ever-evolving MindManager journey!

Mind Mapping for Marketing, useful or not?

If you’re like me your head is spinning with ideas all the time. But I need to get these ideas out of my head and put some structure to them.

10 things new project managers should know

It would be nice to think that every company has a formal mentoring scheme, and that you can tap into the experience of other project managers through this. However, that isn’t always the case. As a result, people managing projects for the first time often find themselves making mistakes. That’s normal – we all make mistakes from time to time, especially in a new job.

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