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How MindManager Mind-Mapping Software Empowers Businesses to Better Visualize Processes, Coordinate Projects, and Increase Productivity

Founded in 1998 as an individual mind-mapping solution, MindManager quickly evolved into a comprehensive planning and strategy development tool now employed by SMBs and enterprises around the world. Corel’s Mindjet MindManager software provides a more effective approach to problem solving. The tool works the way humans think, bringing nonlinear ideas and thought processes into focus to give users a global, big-picture visualization of what’s at stake in a given project. For nearly 20 years, MindManager has been helping businesses inspire creativity, boost productivity levels, and bring their ideas to life.


How Mindjet Mind Mapping Software Can Help you Improve Your Budget, Manage Projects & Simplify Business Planning

The mind is a messy place, and no two are quite alike. While great for invention and creativity, the differences in the way we think can make it difficult to communicate, especially when dealing with complex ideas. MindManager software from the Mindjet team at Corel goes well beyond mind mapping to help companies simplify planning and become better aligned


MindManager 2016 for Windows Called The Most Significant Release in Many Years

MindManager 2016 for Windows called “the most significant release in many years” by the Mind Mapping Software Blog. Chuck Frey’s review says “Mindjet has made a wise step by integrating flowcharts and concept maps into its popular MindManager software. In the past, customers had to buy separate software programs to meet their mind mapping, flowcharting and concept mapping needs…  MindManager 2016 for Windows now enables these customers to buy one software program to create all three types of diagrams. Mindjet continues to do a fine job of offering a program that won’t overwhelm beginners yet satisfies the needs of power users. In other words, its ease of use is excellent.”


MindManager Named #1 Mind-Mapping Software

Mindjet, the global leader in mind mapping software and SaaS solutions for enterprise innovation, has been voted the #1 User’s Choice for mind mapping software in Biggerplate’s 2015 Global Mind Map Survey. This marks the second year running that Mindjet has earned this endorsement from the Biggerplate mind mapping community.


MindManager 14 for Windows features powerful formulas and conditional formatting

MindManager 14 is quite possibly the most significant upgrade to this popular mind mapping software program ever, thanks to its new support for formulas and conditional formatting. Here is my review of this new version of Mindjet’s popular program.


Mindjet Releases New Versions of Industry-Leading MindManager Software

Mindjet, the global leader in enterprise innovation and mind mapping software, announced today the public availability of MindManager 15 for Windows, available immediately, and MindManager Enterprise, available October 1st, 2014.


10 ways to use your data to make more money

Amid all of the hype around “big data,” lots of people are starting to doubt whether there’s any evidence that it’s more than just that — hype. So we set out to find proof of companies that are successfully leveraging data to get real results: to achieve more revenue or reduce costs. Mindjetsays it used software from business-intelligence company Looker to increase lead conversions among users of its trial products by a whopping 500 percent.


Sleuths use MindManager Mind Maps to Untangle Telco Ownership Question

Last September, when failed telco ispONE was sold to an outfit called Conec2, ispONE director Zac Swindells assured this newspaper that he was not involved with Conec2 Australia and never would be. In Victoria’s Supreme Court, the same Mr Swindells now accuses Conec2’s owner of welching on a deal to hold half the business in trust for him, and wants 50 per cent of the shares in a key company transferred to him.

Which version of events is true? Using the latest edition of Mindjet’s mind-mapping software MindManager, we figured out they may both be accurate.


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