Mind mapping with MindManager

The MindManager productivity and mind mapping software is based on a visual environment for presenting information and knowledge. A visual approach promotes understanding and accelerates decision making by clearly showing the most important information. Individuals, teams and companies can use MindManager to quickly and intuitively record, organise, communicate and implement ideas and information using different tools, such as mind maps, flow diagrams and concept maps.
Whether you need brainstorming and problem solving, individual/team productivity, information management, project and task management or business planning – MindManager is flexible enough for a wide range of applications.
You can use MindManager on Windows or Mac desktops. MindManager is seamlessly compatible with business applications such as Microsoft Office and Project. In addition, MindManager Enterprise offers integration with Microsoft SharePoint and Zapier.

More than just mind mapping

From self-organisation and task management to collaboration and project management with a team – MindManager is always ready for use.


Capture and organise your ideas, thoughts and actions according to importance. Provide context by attaching documents and adding links and images, all in a single view. Easily re-organise ideas by topic or quickly change direction.

Plan and Take Action

Plan tasks and projects within the team. Identify resources, and add assignments and priorities to align on how to execute. Integrated Gantt charts let you quickly identify conflicts and dependencies.

  • Your free 30-day trial edition includes:

    • Visual and intuitive business mapping.
    • Leading mind mapping software for organising and structuring information.
    • Full range of MindManager features for Windows or Mac.
  • The Mindjet team develops MindManager, the industry-leading software that helps business professionals achieve more by efficiently organising and clearly communicating complex ideas and information.
    With over 4,500 corporate customers and 2.5 million paid users, including 83% of the Fortune 100, MindManager mind mapping and information visualisation software enables brainstorming and creative problem solving, improves communication, and gives users the ability to plan and complete complex projects more efficiently and effectively.
    MindManager Enterprise combines leading mind mapping, information management and visual planning tools with patented data integration features, as well as flexible communication options to support project coordination and knowledge sharing across the organisation.
    In August 2016, Mindjet MindManager was acquired by Corel Corporation.