Looking for Mindjet’s MindManager 11?

MindManager 2018 for Windows is now the newest version available

We have made some awesome new improvements since you purchased MindManager 11. Better sharing options, task and project management tools, business planning templates, and more are just some of the great updates we have made. Try out MindManager today to see why it is used by some of the top companies around the world.

Top reasons to upgrade from MindManager 11

NEW! Schedule view

Automatically organize your to-dos in an easy-to-read and instantly-accessible calendar.


NEW! Priority View

Isolate and present your tasks in order of priority.


NEW! Dashboard Wizard

Programs your maps to display real-time changes in response to data fluctuations.


NEW! Digital Architect

Create customized visual structures that help you better understand your business.


NEW! Intelligent Filtering

Focus on one thing, without losing sight of anything.


NEW! Publisher

Share your maps with others or via blog posts, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.


NEW! Interactive Presentation Export

Put more polish, professionalism and impact into map presentations.


PLUS:  Link title control | Expanded file management options |and MORE!

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