MindManager Enterprise

Connect your team with the tools to work smarter, faster and better together.

Empower your business with a solution that streamlines IT effort and supports growth.

With the right map, your business can go anywhere

A successful business starts with well-equipped teams. But when software, tools and data are siloed and disconnected, the gaps in between can cause communications to break down, visions to conflict and projects to fail.


MindManager Enterprise gives businesses a one-stop solution that empowers team members to work more efficiently on their own, collaborate more effectively with each other, maximize the tools available to them and achieve their goals – and yours – faster than ever.

“We use MindManager as a meeting management tool, a project planner, and an information-management system, and it has cut presentation preparation time in half.”

Staff Scientist, DuPont Genencor

Work better & faster together

Trade unproductive meetings and unreliable message threads for a comprehensive visual map that instantly clarifies goals, expectations, requirements, tasks, priorities and more.

  • Transform a dynamic brainstorm into an executable strategy in a single team session.
  • Share meeting notes, processes and plans across the organization to drive understanding, alignment and buy-in.
  • Ensure your projects are aligned with larger corporate objectives.

Plan painlessly &
manage masterfully

Avoid the pitfalls that cause projects to fail — miscommunications, misalignment, missed deadlines — with advanced project management tools that your helps put your entire team on the actual same page from Day One.

  • Define scope, requirements, and expectations and track progress in one transparent communication.
  • View projects by resource, tasks, timeline, Gantt Pro and more for 360-degree visibility into status, red flags and risks.
  • Effortlessly balance big-picture project goals with the details that make it all come together.

Centralize knowledge &
simplify execution

Robust integrations with Microsoft SharePoint, Office and Project, and available integration with 800+ apps via Zapier, enable your team members to operate from a single portal that saves time, prevents redundancy and supports accuracy.

  • Query and visualize information from multiple SharePoint sites in a single dashboard.
  • Easily command large amounts of data with powerful search, filtering and indexing tools.
  • Connect and correlate files, links, media, notes and more, to create rich, comprehensive, shareable plans and knowledge repositories.

Enjoy enterprise-grade benefits for teams of 5+

MindManager understands and supports all aspects of your business. Our Enterprise version can be implemented quickly and deployed smoothly to teams of 5 to 5000 or more, and adapts to your needs with:

NEW in MindManager Enterprise 2020

NEW! Content Control

Share responsibility, keep control
Successful project execution is a team effort. Content Control lets you share the responsibility of keeping project and planning maps updated, while maintaining control over what elements can be changed and who can change them.

  •  Keep sensitive map content protected from unwanted changes and accidental errors
  • Choose which map elements in shared maps can be updated by other MindManager users
  • Optional password-enablement allows map owners to extend full editing rights to select users

NEW!  Project Cost Tracking

Get a more complete project view
Whether your project budget is massive or modest, keeping costs in sight is the key to successfully managing it. Our new Project Costing tool lets you quickly add individual costs into your project maps, easily update them, and sum totals with a simple click, for instant visibility into one of your project’s most critical elements.

  • Define and view general and resource costs within project maps
  • Tailor maps for budget-focused conversations by filtering on cost data
  • Track resource costs within the Gantt Pro view
  • Manage exceptions and ensure budget adherence by creating SmartRules that trigger when costs exceed set amounts

PLUS all of the new & enhanced features in
MindManager 2020 for Windows:

NEW! Co-Editing

Empower teamwork and ignite innovation
When people apply their collective brainpower to a shared goal, amazing things can happen. Now you can experience the power of live collaboration with MindManager. Invite colleagues across departments, offices and time zones to work together in maps in real time and watch plans crystallize, opportunities appear, and ideas take flight right before your eyes.

  • Actively collaborate with others on MindManager maps in a secure cloud-based session
  • Facilitate dynamic planning sessions, knowledge sharing, brainstorming and more within MindManager’s flexible virtual environment
  • Invited participants do not need a MindManager license to join a Co-editing session

Co-Editing is a subscription-based product available as an add-on purchase for customers with an active Upgrade Protection Plan or MSA. Please visit the MindManager online store or contact our sales team or your preferred reseller for pricing. A free 30-day trial of Co-Editing is included with MindManager 2020. Learn more about Co-Editing

NEW! MindManager Snap

Snap up great content the moment you find it
Inspiration and ideas can show up at any time. With MindManager Snap, you’ll be ready to grab them! Capture map-worthy content in seconds when you’re away from MindManager, then drop it into your maps the next time you open it up — so no on-the-go brainstorm or 2 a.m. ‘aha!’ ever slips through the cracks. to.

  • Capture images, links, and text notes any time, from anywhere, through your desktop, Chrome browser or mobile device
  • Expand, enrich and improve your maps in exciting new ways
  • Snapped content stays safe and secure in a cloud-based queue until you’re ready to add it to your map

Capture via mobile device requires the MindManager Go mobile app
MindManager Snap Chrome extension available in the Chrome Web Store

NEW! MindManager Go

Take your maps places your PC can’t go
Your thinking doesn’t end when you walk away from your desktop. Now your maps don’t either. Our fully-redesigned MindManager Go mobile viewer app lets you review, show, discuss and even capture content for your maps anywhere and anytime you want to.

  • View and navigate MindManager maps on your Android or iOS device
  • Filter maps on tags, icons, priority & progress to easily focus on the information you need
  • Send images and text notes to your MindManager desktop with the NEW MindManager Snap capture tool

Available for download in the Google Play and Apple App stores

NEW! In-App Tutorials

Navigate the ins and outs of MindManager in no time
New software can be challenging to learn. The MindManager Learning Center with step-by-step tutorials helps new users get up and running quickly and seasoned users become familiar with more advanced functionality.

  • Spend less time figuring out how to use common features and functions and learn the lay of the land
  • Dive deeper into more advanced features that can help you with your daily workflow
  • Tutorials include brainstorming, flowcharting, project management, sharing, mastering MindManager, and more

NEW! Excel Data Mapper

Get a clearer view of complex data
Now you can easily harness the incredible data-crunching power of Excel, and leave its complexity behind. Our new Data Mapper tool lets you quickly and precisely categorize, comprehend and analyze Excel data imported into MindManager maps.

  • Create a map view of spreadsheet content that includes only the data you need to see, exactly the way you want to see it
  • Choose file, data range and row layout
  • Define how row/column information translates into map structure, topic properties and data, calculations, and more

NEW! Excel Export

Give your spreadsheets style AND substance
Enjoy more control than ever over the way you structure and present information in Excel. Our new Export tool makes it easy to customize spreadsheet structure, organization, style and more when exporting MindManager map content to Excel.

  • Create a clear, accurate, instantly-understandable spreadsheet view of MindManager map content
  • Add icons, tags, task information, properties and more
  • Define content order, sheet layout and formatting


ENHANCED Flowcharting Tools

Keep processes flowing smoothly
Clear, well-defined processes lead to smooth, glitch-free workflows. Our new flowcharting enhancements enable you to quickly build visual process flows that bring shape and clarity to even highly-complex process, are easy for others to understand and follow, and are easily adapted as needs change.

  • Insert new swimlanes into existing diagrams with a single click
  • Keep related topics within a swimlane together when lane is moved, resized, or when new segments are inserted with the new Topic Container option
  • Format individual lanes for clear visual differentiation
  • Control relationship line placement for precise communications

ENHANCED Mapping & Visualization Tools

Make a bigger impact faster
The more easily you can build and navigate MindManager maps and diagrams, the more value they’ll bring to your day, work and world. We’ve built a slew of mapping enhancements into MindManager 2020 that are all designed to make it more intuitive, efficient, effective, and a lot more fun!

  • Streamline the placement & presentation of images with
    NEW Image Thumbnails
  • Quickly categorize and add meaning to content with
    NEW Quick Add Icon & Tag Groups
  • Organize and update topics fast & intuitively with
    ENHANCED Drag & Drop
  • Define relationships clearly & precisely with
    ENHANCED Relationship Line Control
  • Automate and accelerate workflows even more with
    EXPANDED SmartRules
  • Enjoy easier access to maps stored in the cloud with enhanced Places integrations
  • And MORE!

For MindManager 2020 for Windows:

  • Microsoft Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit) or Microsoft Windows 7 Service Pack 1, 32-bit and 64-bit
  • IBM or compatible Pentium processor (1 GHz or greater)
  • 2GB RAM or greater
  • 830 MB available disk space
  • Recommended Minimum Display: 1280 x 720 pixels
  • Microsoft .NET 4.6 or higher
  • Supported SharePoint Authentication Methods: NTLM, Forms Based, SAML for SharePoint 2013, Azure ADFS/On Premises, Office 365, and Multi-Factor Authentication

Additional requirements to use certain features:

  • Microsoft Office Professional 2010, 2013, 2016 or 2019 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Microsoft Project 2010, 2013, 2016 or 2019 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.0 or greater
  • Broadband internet connection

For MindManager for Mac 13:

  • macOS® 10.13 (High Sierra) to 10.15 (Catalina)
  • 500 MB available disk space
  • 1024 x 768 or greater display resolution
  • Broadband internet connection required to use certain features

For MindManager Server Software:

SharePoint supported versions:

  • SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016, SharePoint Online.

Supported Browsers:

  • Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari (latest public releases) and Internet Explorer 11.

Large Scale Deployments

  • Cirtrix XenApp version 6.5
  • Microsoft Windows Server®️ 2008 R2 64-bit and later
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 32-bit

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