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MindManager’s flexible mind maps promote creative thinking and quick organization of ideas. Buy MindManager for Mac now for only $129 / 129€ / £99*, and you’ll also receive all MindManager for Mac feature updates and upgrades for the remainder of 2016 at no additional charge. Offer expires 10/3/2016. See Promotional Terms.


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Use MindManager for Mac like a virtual whiteboard where you can visually capture your best thinking.   The Quick Entry feature lets you keep up with the flow of ideas.  Then just drag and drop to organize and prioritize information.

Manage Meetings

Using MindManager maps encourages team participation in meetings because everyone can see you adding notes, priority markers, and other relevant information as the conversation moves forward.  Documenting your meetings in MindManager ensures all ideas are retained and can be shared for follow-up on action items.

Organize Information

MindManager is the perfect tool for aggregating and displaying information, whether your goal is to create an organization chart, assemble facts for a white paper, or create a presentation outline. With MindManager, you can collect relevant attachments, notes, and links all in one place and view notes in context.


Create and Communicate Plans

Use MindManager to lay out the details of project and strategic plans and to gain buy-in from all stakeholders. MindManager helps everyone involved see the big picture and all the details in context.

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