• Mind Maps that
    Help You Do More

    MindManager is versatile mind mapping software that you use like a virtual whiteboard. Brainstorm, capture ideas, and communicate plans—all in a single view. It has advanced features for project management and business planning that you won’t find anywhere else. See how you can do more with MindManager.

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  • Mind Mapping for
    Project Management

    Create schedules. Validate requirements. Set priorities. From brainstorming to budgeting, MindManager mind mapping software has the features you need to coordinate projects and avoid roadblocks. From small projects to complex initiatives, you can create a blueprint for success with MindManager.

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  • Productivity & Creativity
    Meet in Mind Maps

    MindManager's flexible mind maps promote freeform thinking and quick organization of ideas, so creativity and productivity can live in harmony. Capture ideas. Manage Meetings. Create strategic plans. Organize anything. All in a visual layout that inspires innovative solutions.

    Try MindManager free for 30 days, no credit card required.

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Visual Framework

Seeing is understanding. Mind maps are virtual whiteboards where you can visually capture your best thinking. Just drag and drop to organize and prioritize tasks and information.

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Information Management

Overcome the overload. Mind maps help you organize and manage information from multiple sources in a single dashboard.

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Business and Project Tools

Turn ideas into action. Use MindManager mind maps to create, validate, and communicate business requirements, project schedules, competitive research, budget assumptions, and strategic priorities.

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Works with Your
Current Applications

Stay Streamlined. Use mind maps to organize your work, and then export to the tools you use everyday. MindManager works with most popular Microsoft Office and Apple productivity apps, including Outlook and Entourage.

Mobile Mind Mapping

Keep connected. Take MindManager on the road with Mindjet maps for Android and iOS. Access and create maps, capture ideas, share files, and manage tasks from just about anywhere. Mindjet Mobile apps are available with MindManager PLUS and other Mindjet web subscriptions.

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MindManager Feature Set

MindManager includes versions for both Windows and Mac. MindManager for Windows offers the most advanced features, as well as ease-of-use and integrated help for beginning mind mappers. MindManager for Mac provides an intuitive interface for Mac users, along with essential mind mapping capabilities.

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