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MindManager 2020 for Windows & MindManager Enterprise Press Kit

MindManager® 2020 for Windows provides individuals and teams a powerful way to visualize and take control of their projects, tasks, and data. Integrating directly with the applications and platforms businesses rely on, MindManager 2020 offers a new real-time collaboration add-on, improved resource management tools for simplified project planning, enhanced mapping and visualization tools, and new Excel integrations. MindManager helps organizations centralize their data to streamline processes and workflows.




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MindManager 12 for Mac Press Kit

MindManager 12 for Mac delivers powerful new ways to take control of information, build out and share strategies and plans, and work more seamlessly than ever before. This latest release sets a new standard in mind mapping and information visualization on the Mac, offering SmartRules™ that automate processes and workflows, new Objects and Smart Shapes that enable the creation of new diagram types, and support for Dark Mode and Touch Bar to enable users to work the way they want in their preferred environment, and more.


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