5/27/14 Romania-Insider

Three CEOs of the most important global companies on innovation sustain workshops and keynotes at Innovation Summit 2014

5/19/14 VentureBeat

These are the challenges a company’s first data scientist faces

5/16/14 MarketWatch

Mindjet Customer Cambia Health Solutions Wins Ovum Industry's "On the Radar" Award in the Enterprise Mobility and Productivity Category

5/16/14 Inc.

Crowd Science: Figuring Out How to Get the Most From the Masses

5/19/14 VentureBeat

These are the challenges a company’s first data scientist faces

5/14/14 VentureBeat

Inside the mind of a crowd scientist, an emerging flavor of data scientist

5/13/14 VentureBeat

10 ways to use your data to make more money (really)

5/6/14 Vice

The UN Is Turning to Big Data and Crowdsourcing to Tackle the Refugee Crisis

5/5/14 Financial Review

MindManager software unpicks perplexing telco ownership questions

9/28/13 NBC News

What Really Fosters Innovation (Infographic)

9/26/13 Global Economic Intersection

Infographic of the Day: Business Innovation Done Right

9/27/13 Yahoo! Finance

Mergers & Acquisitions, Sept. 23

9/25/13 Reuters

What Really Fosters Innovation (Infographic)

9/25/13 Entrepreneur

What Really Fosters Innovation (Infographic)

9/25/13 Yahoo! Finance

What Really Fosters Innovation

9/24/13 Huffington Post

What Really Fosters Innovation for Business?

9/23/13 SF Gate

Mergers & Acquisitions, Sept. 23

9/23/13 The Mind Mapping Software Blog

MindManager 14 for Windows innovates with powerful formulas and conditional formatting

9/20/13 Dash Burst

The Secret Recipe for Business Innovation [INFOGRAPHIC]

9/20/13 BizSugar

Business Innovation Done Right Yields Results [INFOGRAPHIC]

9/18/13 Buzzfeed

Data Shows Companies That Innovate Will Grow 84% Faster

9/17/13 CMS Wire

Mindjet-Spigit Merger a Harbinger in Growing Social Software Market?

9/17/13 ARN

Mindjet and Spigit merge

9/17/13 GigaOM

Short takes: Spigit and Mindjet merging, Smartsheet releases Android app, Citrix releases Talkboard

9/16/13 The 451 Group

Mindful — and major — M&A by Mindjet

9/16/13 Business Times

Mindjet absorbs Spigit in merger

9/16/13 CMS Wire

Social Business Force Emerges: Mindjet, Spigit Merge

9/16/13 Hoot Suite

The Mindjet-Spigit merger: What it all means

9/16/13 Xconomy

Google + Bump, Mindjet + Spigit, and More: Bay Area Deals Roundup

9/16/13 Business 2 Community

Business Innovation Done Right [Infographic]

9/13/13 AllThingsD

Mindjet and Spigit to Merge Idea-Generation Platforms

9/08/13 Bit Rebels

How Innovative Ideas Affect A Company’s Overall Success

8/19/13 Published & Profitable

Take a Fresh Look at Mindjet Content Marketing Dashboards

8/12/13 Published & Profitable

How Digital Visuals Make Complex Work Tasks Simple

8/09/13 Forbes

Video tutorial: Mindmap navigation tips for Mindjet

8/06/13 Scoop.it!

How to create an idea dashboard to track your favorite content ideas – Conspire: A @Mindjet Publication

-/--/13 About.com

Mindjet ProjectDirector Syncs Your Mind Maps to Projects

7/19/13 Techwhirl

Mindjet ProjectDirector Offers Project Collaboration and File Management

7/08/13 The Mind Mapping Software Blog

ProjectDirector: A more cohesive platform for collaborative project management from Mindjet

7/03/13 Fierce Content Management

Infographic: Team Personality Types and How To Harness Them

7/01/13 About.com

Mindjet ProjectDirector Syncs Your Mind Maps to Projects

6/27/13 ARN

Mindjet releases project-based collaboration software

6/26/13 PACE

Mindjet introduces unified project management suite for teams

6/23/13 Rare Agent

Top 5 Mobile Apps for Entrepreneurs Who Get-up-and-go

6/19/13 Collaborative Planet

Mindjet Claims to Cure Collaboration's Ills

6/02/13 Tech Radar

8 Web Apps That Are Better Than Their Desktop Equivalents

5/24/13 Fast Company

Two People Doing The Same Job? It’s Not Crazy For Engineers

5/06/13 Huffington Post

3 Ways Thoughtful Content Will Benefit Your Small Business

4/30/13 CMO

Why predictive analytics matters

4/30/13 Fast Company

What the Next Generation of Star Cmos Have in Common

4/29/13 Business Spectator

Turning business strategy into reality

4/22/13 lifehacker

Five Best Mind Mapping Tools

4/03/13 Fast Company

Two People Doing The Same Job? It’s Not Crazy For Engineers

2/11/13 ZDNet

Mapping out presentations, documents and research

1/20/13 The Sunday Times

Fire up the workers now

1/9/13 Network World

Pure and Julia are cool languages worth checking out

1/4/13 TabTimes

Best New iPad Apps: Notes for public speakers, Mindjet task management, tablet blogging and
vinyl music 2.0


11/28/12 ARN

Mindjet launches major Tasks mobile update

11/26/12 CaaS

Mindjet Upgrades Mobile App for Professionals who Manage Teams, Projects On-the-go

11/7/12 Projects At Work

Tool Shop: Mindjet

10/30/12 App Storm

Visualize Your Mind With Mindjet for Android

10/24/12 Business 2 Community

7 Content Curation Tips For Personal Branding Success

10/17/12 Image and Data Manager

Can Windows 8 cure the B.Y.O.D. headaches?

10/17/12 Tech Republic

Get a full-fledged project management application with Mindjet

10/9/12 All Things D

Box Makes All the Clouds Compatible

10/9/12 Business Insider

Top 10 Apps for Maximum Mobile Productivity

9/28/12 CIO Business Technology Leadership

Social collaboration: From a faith-based to business-led approach

9/26/12 Campus Technology

All Together Now

9/21/12 CMSWire

Mindjet Integrates Destop, Mobile, Web Products to Streamline Collaboration

9/20/12 InformationWeek

Mindjet Maps Simpler Planning, Budgeting, Collaboration

8/14/12 PC World

Yammer Seeks to Simplify Enterprise Social Network Usage With Upgrade

8/12/12 Business Review Australia

The Importance of Style

8/3/12 MyPadMonkey

Mindjet App for Android and Kindle Fire - The Art of the Possible

7/8/12 Silicon Angle

Mind Mapping Apps Top this Week's Tablet Business App Roundup

6/30/12 App Storm

Mindjet: Complete Mind Mapping for Android

6/26/12 The Financial Times

Ten Questions - Felicity Wohltman

6/15/12 cfo

When the Boomers Go

6/15/12 cmo

Marketers Confer To Create Own Agile Manifesto

6/14/12 startupsmart

Top 10 Android apps for start-ups

6/4/12 mindmappingsoftwareblog

Mindjet “Connects” teams with a cohesive collaboration and task management platform

5/31/12 androidauthority

Best Android apps for getting things done

5/30/12 pcworld

GTD (Getting Things Done) App Recommendations From Real Small-Business Owners

5/23/12 cmswire

Mindjet for Enterprise Launch Targets Businesses

5/23/12 idg

Revisiting RDP, discovering ReactOS, and finding Mindjet

5/23/12 networkworld

Revisiting RDP, discovering ReactOS, and finding Mindjet

5/21/12 informationweek

Mindjet Connects Vision, Action In Social Platform

5/21/12 marketingprofs

What Is Agile Marketing, and Why Is It Essential to Marketing Operations?

5/12/12 thegrindstone

Are You A Thinker Or A Doer At Work?

5/7/12 CommPro

How to Market in Agile Times

4/30/12 Content Marketing Institute

3 Tips for Increasing Your Content Productivity

4/20/12 Computer Weekly

A problem shared: Embracing collaborative working in the modern-day workplace

4/19/12 IT Business Edge

Make Sure Your Project Team Understands Risk First-Hand

4/19/12 Inc.

3 Cloud Services That Make Work Easier

4/18/12 Forbes

Seeing Is Believing: Visualization Improves Risk Management

4/16/12 BBC

Pretty pictures: Can images stop data overload?

4/8/12 TechCrunch

From Team Player To Coach = From Entrepreneur To CEO

4/1/12 Gigaom

Five hot collaboration trends

3/29/12 LANLine

Cloud Computing und Virtualisierung

3/28/12 doesitreallywork

Does Mindjet Really Work?

3/13/12 PeRceptions

Agile Marketing: Is Your Brand Ready? Lessons from SXSW

3/1/12 Redmond Channel Partner

OneNote vs. EverNote: A Side-by-Side Comparison

2/29/12 VentureBeat

Facebook log-out page ads will flop with fans, but brands will still buy

2/14/12 CMSWire

Innovation Done Right: Thoughts from a CEO

2/13/12 UBM TechWeb

10 Marketers To Follow Now

2/13/12 CMSWire

Information Overload: Why Small Businesses are Getting So Little Done with So Much

2/6/12 The Guardian UK

The top 50 Android tablet apps

1/3/12 Information Week

Apps Need Collaboration At Core


12/21/11 Xconomy

Mindjet Reaches Cloud Altitude with Mind-Mapping Tools for Getting Things Done

12/17/11 Robert Scoble

Real-time work suite from MindJet

12/16/11 MWD Advisors

Mindjet “socialises” collaborative work management with Mindjet Connect and Cohuman

12/14/11 TechCrunch

Mindjet Buys Thinking Space, Launches Mind Mapping App For Android

12/3/11 TechRepublic

Free project collaboration tools that rock

11/27/11 PC World

Project Management Showdown: Do More Beyond the To-Do List

11/25/11 Gigaom

Cohuman + Mindjet = Idea management from inception to execution

11/22/11 Computer World

Mind mapping is more about collaborative work management: Mindjet

11/22/11 On Windows

Lessons Learned, Opportunities Created

11/16/11 TechRepublic

Mindjet Connect SP hopes to increase SharePoint user adoption

11/16/11 On Windows

Mindjet aids enterprises SharePoint use

11/16/11 TechRepublic

Project collaboration in the cloud via Mindjet Connect

11/15/11 CMSWire

Mindjet Connect SP Provides Better Collaboration with SharePoint

11/15/11 CMSWire

Document Mgt Roll-up: OpenText's Sharing, Mindjet's SharePoint Collaboration

11/14/11 ReadWriteWeb

Could Mind-Maps Make SharePoint More Lovable?

11/4/11 MediaBistro

NaNoWriMo Tip #4: Make a Mind Map

10/26/11 Hyperfocused

Mind maps or information maps are an incredible tool for productivity and creativity.

10/6/11 TMCnet

Mindjet Announces Next Generation Collaboration Software for Work Management

10/3/11 joeltrainsauthors

MindManager 9 for the Mac: A worthwhile update

10/2/11 MobileTechReview

iPad App Review: Mindjet for iPad

10/1/11 ARN

IN SHORT: Top industry news from Ninefold, Mindjet, Oracle and Capgemini

9/22/11 Mind Mapping Software Blog

MindManager 2012 debuts powerful brainstorming, collaboration and information management tools

9/19/11 Published & Profitable

Write a book anywhere – Mindjet’s MindManager for iPads & iPhones

9/19/11 SourceCon

SourceCon meets TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco

9/19/11 Entrepreneur

Mindjet Connect Helps Small Businesses Visualize and Manage Projects

9/17/11 VisualMapper

Mindjet might just put the others out of business!!

9/16/11 451 Group

Competitors fill the cloud with alternatives to SharePoint

9/16/11 Small Business Advocate

Interview with Blaine Mathieu

9/16/11 Mindmapping Software Blog

Mindjet ups its collaboration game with Cohuman acquisition, launch of Connect

9/15/11 Basex

This week in brief

9/13/11 TUAW

Mindjet iOS apps now free, cloud service around the corner

9/13/11 CMS Wire

MindManager 2012: Decision Analysis & Dynamic SharePoint Integration

9/12/11 CMS Wire

Mindjet Offers Cloud Solution, Acquires Cohuman for Social Task Management

9/12/11 CloudTimes

Mindjet Introduces Cloud-Based Collaborative Work Management

9/12/11 Information Week

Mindjet Extends Mind Mapping To Cloud, Acquires Cohuman

9/12/11 Silicon Angle

Mindjet Acquires Cohuman, Doubles Down on Collaboration

9/12/11 Website Magazine

Mindjet Connect - Mind Map Work In the Cloud

9/12/11 Xconomy

Monday Deals Roundup: 10gen, Mindjet, Ebates

9/12/11 Lifehacker

Daily App Deals: Organize

9/12/11 PC World

Mindjet Unleashes Creativity with Online Collaboration Tools

9/12/11 InformationWeek

Mindjet Extends Mind Mapping To Cloud, Acquires Cohuman

9/12/11 TechCrunch

Mindjet Buys Cohuman, To Debut Cloud-Based Collaboration Tool Mindjet Connect

9/12/11 Wall Street Journal

Mindjet Retools With Cloud-Based Work Management, Acquisition
PDF of VentureWire article

8/12/11 Macworld

MindManager 9 for Mac review

6/10/11 Mind Mapping Software blog

Mindjet updatesMindManager for Mac, launches new mobile apps

6/9/11 Tripwire Magazine

15 Useful Online Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Tools

6/8/11 ZDNet

MindJet MindManager V9 for Mac

6/6/11 Practice Management Center

Mind Mapping: Visualize Money in Motion

6/6/11 the mindmapping software blog

Mind Mapping Software: More Powerful Than You May Realize

6/6/11 GIGaom

SpiderScribe Helps With Online Brainstorming

6/6/11 GIGaom

MindJet Catalyst: Real-Time Collaboration in Mind Maps

6/4/11 ReadWriteWeb

iPad for Business Round-Up: Mindjet, snagR and More

6/2/11 TMCnet

Mobile Market Presence Expanded by Mindjet with New iPad and iPhone Products

6/1/11 Mac World

MindManager upgrades on Mac, debuts on iOS

6/1/11 TUAW

Mindjet 9 for Mac due June 23, iPad/iPhone versions mid-June

6/1/11 CMS Wire

Mindjet Releases Visual Mapping for iPad, iPhone and MindManager 9 for the Mac

6/1/11 iPhone World

MindManager upgrades on Mac, debuts on iOS

5/20/11 Mind Mapping Software Blog

Mind Mapping Software Blog: More Powerful Than You May Realize

4/27/11 PC World

Use Mind Maps to Track Your To-Do List

4/27/11 PC World

Use Mind Maps to Track Your To-Do List

4/22/11 Computer World AU

Three Great Mobile Mind Mapping Apps

4/21/11 Duffill Blogs

Mindjet Power Markers launches today - Beyond Mind Mapping

4/15/11 News article in ABA Journal

Mind Mapping Lets Lawyer Thoughts Flow in a Visual Way

4/1/11 KM World

KM to the rescue—Helping companies help their customers

3/23/11 CIO New Zealand News

CIO: Mindjet mapping helps settle Maori claims

3/9/11 Image & Data Manager (IDM)

Mindjet puts SharePoint data on the map

3/8/11 ARNnet

Mindjet expands Australian presence

3/5/11 Forbes.com

Now that Salesforce.com is Taking Service Social Maybe the Category Will Get Some Respect

Review of Mindmanager 9
2/23/11 The Register

Ken's magnificent seven diagram: Heroes to save your village from the text-only bandidos

2/22/11 The San Jose Mercury News

People on the Move: Tom Spence, Mindjet

2/11/11 Investor's Business Daily

Beware Data Blind Spots

1/21/11 BNET US

Brainstorming and Mindmapping Remotely Isn’t Easy, But It’s Worth The Trouble

2/1/11 The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

Tips For More Effective Meetings

1/5/11 Fox Business

MindMapping: A New Way to Think


9/13/10 Six Sigma IQ

MindManager Version 9 for Windows Delivers New Features to Benefit the Process Improvement Practitioner

8/11/10 Digital Solid

Mindjet adds Gantt charting to its mind mapping software

8/11/10 ACW Distribution

The New MindManager Version 9 for Windows Arrives!

8/10/10 Visual Mapper

MindManager V9 Has Arrived

7/21/10 Creation Engine Blog

Mindjet Announces MindManager Version 9 for Windows!

7/19/10 Project Management Online

Monday Project Round-Up

7/16/10 The MindMapping Software Blog

Coming soon: The most improved version of MindManager - ever

7/13/10 ITBusinessEdge.com

Visually Managing Projects

7/13/10 CMS Wire

MindManager 9: Empowering the Knowledge Worker via Tight MS Office Integration

7/13/10 InformationWeek.com
Mindjet Enhances Collaboration Tool
4/19/10 End User SharePoint
SharePoint Information Architecture with MindManager by Mindjet
4/15/10 Currents
MindManager for SharePoint: Overview
4/9/10 Factory Maintenance
ABB Loss Map increases plant performance
4/5/10 PC World

Brainstorm With MindManager 8--Without Leaving Office Applications Behind

3/28/10 MacFormat

Mindjet MindManager 8 review

3/24/10 Beagle Research Group

Asuret and Mindjet

3/24/10 TMCNet

Mindjet Intros Customer Service Software Navigator for Salesforce.com

3/24/10 CRM Buyer

Tools for Thinking in the Moment

3/24/10 CMS Wire

Mindjet Deal Navigator Visualizes Salesforce.com Data

3/23/10 CTO Edge

Mindjet Visualizes Salesforce Data

3/16/10 Image and Data Manager

MindManager aids SharePoint visualisation

3/11/10 Mind Mapping Software Blog

What big problem does MindManager for SharePoint solve?

3/4/10 Mind Mapping Software Blog

New MindManager for SharePoint adds intuitive front end to Microsoft’s byzantine collaboration tool

3/1/10 LAPTOP Magazine

8 Touch-Friendly Apps for Windows 7

2/24/10 IntelliGantt

MindManager for SharePoint Released

2/23/10 CTO Edge

Mindjet Visualizes Microsoft SharePoint Data

2/23/10 eWEEK

Mindjet Extends Mind Maps to Microsoft SharePoint, Salesforce.com

2/23/10 CMS Wire

Mindjet Increases SharePoint Productivity with Visualization Tool

2/23/10 OnWindows

Mindjet leverages SharePoint

2/23/10 The SharePoint Technology Blog

Mindjet Rolls Out MindManager for SharePoint

2/23/10 TMCNet

Mindjet announces availability of MindManager visualisation product for SharePoint

2/22/10 The Industry Standard
Mindjet Catalyst brings back 'aha' moment
2/22/10 ARN
Mac specialist distributor maps the mind
2/22/10 The CAD Geek Blog
Visual Project Dashboards with MindManager
2/22/10 PhoneBlog
Mindjet For iPhone Brings Ease-Of-Use To Mobile Mind-Mapping
2/19/10 iTWire
MindManager helping academics to hone young minds at WelTec
2/15/10 CPA Success
CPAs ... There's A Map for That!
2/11/10 CTO Edge

Wrestling with Collaboration

2/9/10 Macworld UK

Mindjet for iPhone review

2/1/10 IT Enquirer

MindManager 8 for Mac Review

1/28/10 Mind Mapping Software Blog

New Mac version of MindManager 8 quiets the critics

1/27/10 eWEEK

Mindjet MindManager 8 for Mac Integrates With Apple Apps

1/26/10 Macworld

Office integration highlights MindManager 8

1/26/10 IT Business Edge

The Coming of Apple

1/26/10 TotalApps

MindManager 8 Released

1/26/10 Forbes

Why Google Apps Needs Fixing

1/26/10 GottaBeMobile

Mindjet MindManager 8 for Mac released

1/26/10 TMCNet

Mindjet Releases MindManager 8 for Mac, Following Catalyst

1/18/10 The Atlantic

Request for tech help: reward offered! The .PST -> Gmail move

1/7/10 Wall Street Journal

Boring Meetings? Get Out the Water Guns

1/6/10 Think Around Corners

Top 9 Personal “Biz Apps” of 2009

1/5/10 Forbes

A Virtual Sense of Loss

1/1/10 KMWorld

Enriching Web sites to engage customers better

1/1/10 The Atlantic

Happy New Year! Starting off right with "interesting software"