At Mindjet, we believe that seeing an idea is better than just having one. Mind maps help people visualize their thinking and brainstorm with purpose. MindManager has taken brainstorming off the whiteboard and made digital mind mapping a revolutionary way to get more work done, inspire creativity, and allow people to turn their ideas into new realities.


MindManager – For Individuals and Small Teams

MindManager is serious software for managing projects and solving business problems. Budgeting and forecasting tools, risk analysis charts, project tools like Gantt view, and a wealth of built-in templates, all make MindManager far more powerful than basic mind mapping software. MindManager includes the newest versions of our software for both Windows and Mac users. Learn more.


MindManager Enterprise – For Teams and Companies

Leading companies across the globe use MindManager Enterprise to enable effective communication, knowledge management, and project coordination across the organization.  MindManager Enterprise includes all features available with MindManager for Windows and also provides integration with Microsoft SharePoint, enabling effective collaboration on projects and key business initiatives. Learn more.


Spigit Innovation Management

Mindjet’s Spigit innovation management software helps companies unleash the power of their employees, partners and customers to drive innovation. Spigit enables companies to crowdsource the best ideas, execute them, and drive business change. Spigit customers have generated over $1 billion dollars in incremental revenue and over 200 patents using the Spigit platform. Learn more.


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