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MindManager Software Assurance and Support (MSA)

The Mindjet Software Assurance and Support Program entitles participants to receive MindManager software upgrades, live helpdesk assistance and other benefits. For an in-depth review, download our MSA Guide.


Key MSA benefits include:


Upgrade Protection

Upgrade your software when Mindjet does! Take advantage of the most reliable and cost effective way to stay up to date with product releases by automatically receiving free upgrades to new versions of MindManager during your coverage period.


Telephone Helpdesk Support

Live, experienced helpdesk support is available during local time zone business hours, generally Monday through Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., excluding national holidays recognized in the locale of the helpdesk.


Priority Case Queuing

Your support request is acknowledged and queued for priority response and troubleshooting. Check the Mindjet Software Assurance and Support performance guidelines for more.


Large-Scale Deployment Assistance

Mindjet Technical and Customer Support is available to assist you and provide additional documentation to address the requirements of installation and deployment of Mindjet products across.

Government, Nonprofit, and Education Pricing

Mindjet offers special pricing to qualified governmental agencies, nonprofit organizations, and educational institutions. To learn more, please contact Mindjet Sales.


Click here for further information on MindManager for education and training.


For information on the educational programme for Eastern Europe, please kindly contact reseller-EE@mindjet.de.


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