Product Lifecycle Policy

MindManager periodically “retires” older versions of its software in order to focus resources on developing and supporting newer versions.


When a version of MindManager software is “retired,” live Technical Support is discontinued for that version. Self-service support through the knowledge base and forums remains available.


We value you as a customer and would like you to transition to the latest version of MindManager software. Please visit the our online store for upgrade pricing.

ProductGeneral AvailabilityProduct Retired
MindManager 12 for Mac20-Feb-2019
MindManager Enterprise 2019 for Windows26-Sep-2018
MindManager 2019 for Windows26-Sep-2018
MindManager 11 for Mac20-Feb 2018
MindManager Enterprise 2018 for Windows27-Sep-2017
MindManager 2018 for Windows27-Sep-2017
MindManager Enterprise 2017 for Windows05-Oct-2016
MindManager 2017 for Windows05-Oct 2016
MindManager 2016 for Windows (more info)15-Oct 201526-Sep-2018
MindManager Enterprise 2016 for Windows15-Oct 201526-Sep-2018
MindManager 15 for Windows (more info)09-Sep 201427-Sep-2017
MindManager 14 for Windows (more info)12-Sep 201304-Oct 2016
Mindjet for Windows v.11 (more info)20-Sep 201214-Oct 2015
MindManager for Mac v.1020-Sep 2012
Mindjet MindManager 2012 Professional for Windows22-Sep 201108-Sep 2014
MindManager 9 for Mac23-Jun 201120-Feb-2019
Mindjet MindManager 9 for Windows (more info)10-Aug 201011-Sep 2013
Mindjet MindManager 8 for Windows (more info)11-Nov 200819-Sep 2012
Mindjet MindManager MapShare10-Nov 201019-Sep 2012
Mindjet MindManager for SharePoint23-Feb 201019-Sep 2012
Mindjet JCV Gantt Pro 304-Nov 200919-Sep 2012
Mindjet Catalyst06-Oct 200919-Sep 2012
MindManager 8 for Mac26-Jan 201020-Feb 2018
Mindjet MindManager Pro 730-May 200723-Sep 2011
Mindjet MindManager Mac 729-May 200719-Sep 2012
Mindjet MindManager Lite 730-May 200723-Sep 2011
Mindjet MindManager Viewer 730-May 200723-Sep 2011
Mindjet MindManager 7 Accelerator for Salesforce.com30-May 200701-Jun 2009
Mindjet MindManager 6 Mac01-Jun 200601-Jun 2009
Mindjet MindManager Pro 620-Sep 200501-Sep 2009
Mindjet MindManager Basic 620-Sep 200501-Jun 2009
Mindjet MindManager Viewer 620-Sep 200501-Jun 2009
Mindjet MindManager 6 Accelerator for Salesforce.com20-Sep 200501-Jun 2009
MindManager (X5 Pro) Accelerator for Salesforce.com23-Jan 200520-Sep 2007
MindManager X5 for Pocket PC15-Mar 200420-Sep 2007
MindManager X5 Pro09-Oct 200320-Sep 2007
MindManager X509-Oct 200320-Sep 2007
MindManager X5 Viewer09-Oct 200320-Sep 2007
MindManager 2002 Mobile for Pocket PC15-Jan 200207-Jan 2006
MindManager 2002 Enterprise09-Oct 200130-Jun 2007
MindManager 2002 Business09-Oct 200101-Sep 2006
MindManager 2002 Standard09-Oct 200101-Sep 2006
MindManager 2002 Viewer09-Oct 200130-Jun 2007