Mindjet reader

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What happens after my trial period expires?

  • Expired account is frozen: the content of an expired account cannot be modified, viewed or shared. It can only be downloaded. This applies for you (account owner) and all members of the expired account.
  • You are issued a new account with limited functionality called Mindjet reader account. Having this account provides you with some basic functionality (e.g. mapping, sharing), but does not have some of the features offered by a Mindjet account (e.g. folders & subfolders, versions control).
  • Mindjet Tasks remains fully functional.

What is the alternative to a Mindjet reader account?

  • Mindjet reader is a free account, with basic functionality.
  • To take advantage of a complete Mindjet account, visit the online store.
  • Have additional questions? Get in touch with us!