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Master Class: Mind Mapping for Entrepreneurs with Liam Hughes

In this live Master Class, Liam Hughes, founder of mind mapping community Biggerplate.com, will explore how and why mind mapping software is a must-have tool for successful entrepreneurs, and show its immediate impact for start-up businesses and innovators in today’s competitive world.

Based on Liam’s own experience as an entrepreneur and lessons he’s learned from some of Biggerplate’s 65,000 global community members, this interactive webinar will explore:

  • The challenges faced by entrepreneurs today
  • Mind mapping as the missing link to success
  • Practical tips and templates for easy adoption

Who it’s for?

  • Growing businesses that want to improve collaboration within teams
  • Small start-ups looking to get noticed and gain a foothold
  • Anyone thinking about starting their own business
  • Business owners looking to drive innovation

Presenter: Liam Hughes, Biggerplate.com

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Developing a Coherent Social Strategy for Enterprise Innovation

Harnessing the wisdom of the crowd doesn't consist of simply casting your net into the social networking waters and waiting for ideas and innovations to swim into it. Rather, organizations that seek to eclipse their competition and keep rambunctious start-ups at bay must take a strategic and systematic approach to fostering the relationships and creating the processes that will result in meaningful business outcomes from their social innovation strategy.

In this webinar, Charlene Li, author of The New York Times bestseller Open Leadershipand coauthor of the critically acclaimed, bestselling book Groundswell, takes a look at how organizations are using social technologies, innovation management platforms and social mindsets to develop the leadership and culture -- one that is human, authentic, and transparent -- that foster openness to experimentation, failure, and ultimately, success.Charlene is joined in this interactive conversation exploring social innovation, by Milind Pansare, Vice President at Mindjet. Milind has held product and marketing leadership roles for over 25 years at Silicon Valley startups and large tech companies and is a product expert on social collaboration and innovation management technology.

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Enabling a BIG Legacy of Innovation

Harnessing the wisdom of the crowd doesn't consist of simply casting your net into the social networking waters and waiting for ideas and innovations to swim into it. Rather, organizations that seek to eclipse their competition and keep rambunctious start-ups at bay must take a strategic and systematic approach to fostering the relationships and creating the processes that will result in meaningful business outcomes from their social innovation strategy.

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Charting the Path of Innovation Maturity

Do you know the path to a mature innovation program in your organization? Where are you in your current innovation journey? Are you confident in the strategic goals and plans you have set? Hear Tom Brister and Harvey Wade talk about how companies are using Mindjet’s Innovation Maturity Assessment to analyze theirinnovation journey, identify their desired future state and build an understanding of their strengths and weaknesses. Learn about the key dimensions of an innovation program and how you can build a strategic approach to yourinnovation activities.

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Demystifying the CEO Challenge

CEOs are increasingly seeing the hierarchical structures of yesteryear disappear in favor of more nimble, flatter organizations that encourage knowledge exchange and collaboration across all business units.

In "Demystifying the CEO Challenge," Boris Pluskowski, SVP of Customer Success and Innovation Services at Mindjet, as he discusses the growing trend of CEOs reaching out to their employees on a global scale and embracing their ideas, comments and suggestions to make faster, stronger, and better business decisions. Boris covers the following topics to ensure your CEO challenge success:

  • What a CEO challenge typically looks like
  • The types of challenges to evaluate
  • The cultural, language, incentive, communication, and legal challenges that you will need to overcome
  • Examples of successful CEO challenges by SpigitEngage customers

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Adding Innovation to Your Organizational DNA

In this Innovation Café webinar, Shail Khiyara, SVP, Customer Success and Services at Mindjet leads a discussion with Jeffrey Duke, BECU; Greg Hicks, UnitedHealth Group; and Mohan Nair, Cambia Health Solutions in a conversation about how to create sustainable change in your companies for greater innovation. The three SpigitEngage customers share their insights on common best practices and steps for making innovation a larger part of your culture.

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Best Practices For an Effective Innovation Process featuring Chip Gliedman

In this interactive live webinar, Chip Gliedman, Vice President and Principal Analyst at Forrester, and lead analyst on the company's Playbook for Sustained Business Innovation, will share his insights on common best practices that have surfaced in the course of his conversations with Innovation Program experts. Based on interviews of over 40 companies that use Enterprise Innovation Management tools, he’ll highlight the importance of an effective innovation process. Including why:

  • Process comes before technology
  • Knowledge makes innovation challenges easier
  • User experience is key to making it work

Joining Chip is Milind Pansare, VP of Product Marketing at Mindjet, and expert in enterprise collaboration technologies. Milind will present an effective framework to enable repeatable business innovation known as the Vision to Action Lifecycle.

Date: November 13th, 2013

Time:10am PT/ 1PM ET

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New Rules of Breakthrough Collaboration

Watch this webinar recording with Kellogg Professor Leigh Thompson, director of the course Leading High Impact Teams and author of Creative Conspiracy, on collaboration, innovation, and teamwork hosted by the Harvard Business Review.

In this webinar recording, Kellogg professor Leigh Thompson shares her research findings on collaboration, and outline a framework for creating a new kind of collaboration and teamwork that produces results.

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What's New in MindManager 14 for Windows?

Watch this 30-minute webinar recording with Kelly Miller, Senior Product Marketing Manager, to learn about all the enhancements of MindManager 14. Kelly walks through an overview of new features such as Formulas, Smart Fill, and an Enhanced Map Index. This webinar recording also features demo of MindManager 14.

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Why Visual Project Management Makes Sense

In this webinar, Forrester guest speaker and project management expert Margo Visitacion teaches you why visual project management makes sense and how to implement it for your organization.

What You Will Learn:

  • Why traditional project planning isn’t enough
  • The benefits of a visual approach to managing projects
  • How to apply visualization to your project management processes

This webinar is great for marketers, product managers, professional services teams, program managers, and anyone else who manages multiple projects and initiatives on a regular basis.

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Mindjet Helps Solve Project Management Challenges for Teams

Mindjet helps people and teams improve project planning and management. In this interactive demo, we’ll show how Mindjet can help you:

  • Get agreement on priorities and action items.
  • Then track those action items and stay in sync, especially across distributed teams
  • Avoid wasting time looking for information needed to complete action items

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Improve Your Agile Planning and Developement with Mindjet

Agile Planning & Development can leverage many methods - both manual and digital. Mindjet can bring together all of these methods in one interactive dashboard, accessible regardless of location or device.

So if your Agile projects suffer from lost information, lack of team cohesion, or inadequate project tracking, or if you want to be more efficient, tune in.

We at Mindjet plan our own Agile Development projects using our software. If you attend this Webinar, you’ll see Mindjet’s Agile planning in action. You will learn:

  • Why Mindjet can trump sticky notes
  • How to best involve remote teams in your sprints
  • Tracking project details and progress in minutes

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An Introduction to Mindjet Mapping

Designed for people new to Mindjet, this live session will introduce you to Mindjet information mapping and answer your questions about using Mindjet to map your way from initial concept to project execution.

Join this 15-minute session to learn about:

  • How to build a Mindjet map
  • Using templates to accelerate project planning
  • Using built-in organization and analysis tools to guide decision-making
  • Using a Mindjet map to capture and communicate ideas

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Brainstorming and Requirements Gathering

Gaining upfront agreement on goals and requirements is one of the most crucial steps in the success of any project or initiative. Mindjet is a powerful tool to help you brainstorm, organize stakeholder input, and validate requirements.

Join us for a 15-minute live webinar to learn how you can use Mindjet to:

  • Facilitate effective brainstorming sessions
  • Gather and validate project requirements
  • Easily share content across teams

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Task Management with Mindjet

Tracking and managing tasks is a critical component to the success of any project. Yet choices are limited when it comes to effective tools. Using basic tools like email can result in the confusion of endless email threads. Yet advanced project management tools can be overkill for the daily business user.

Join us for a 15-minute live webinar to learn how you can use Mindjet to:

  • Use a visual framework to gain alignment on tasks and schedules
  • Enable team members to easily track and manage tasks
  • Integrate Mindjet with SharePoint tasks

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Essential Project Tools

Poor communication and coordination can quickly derail a project. Mindjet keeps project teams and stakeholders on task and on target, so projects are delivered on time and with a high rate of user adoption.

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Using Mindjet with SharePoint

If your organization uses Microsoft SharePoint, Mindjet provides several powerful integrations to the SharePoint platform that can help you be more productive.

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Using Mindjet to Get the Best Out of SharePoint

Like peanut butter and chocolate, Mindjet and Microsoft SharePoint are a great compliment. Mindjet’s intuitive visual framework helps you capture and organize ideas and information to help teams solve problems, prioritize strategies, and plan projects. The Mindjet on premise server enhances the SharePoint platform and maximizes team productivity from behind the security of your firewall. Join us for a 15-minute live webinar to learn how to:

  • Embed a Mindjet map as a Web Part
  • More easily navigating SharePoint sites and lists by creating shared visual dashboards that aggregate and display SharePoint assets.
  • Create visual project plans and organize tasks from a single view in SharePoint.

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Better Team Collaboration with Mindjet

With today’s virtual workforce, effective team collaboration is more important than ever. Learn how Mindjet helps you keep your team on point, on task, and on time.

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Using Mindjet Software to Improve Sales Effectiveness

Strategic account planning is critical, but organizations often lack an effective, repeatable way to do it well. The result? Poor execution and an inability to close deals. Mindjet helps you implement effective and repeatable account planning, helping account teams share information and giving insight management insight to more effectively strategize, coach, and forecast.

  • Gain better insight into key account organizational structures
  • Centralize all relevant account data from CRM, SharePoint, and other sources in a single view
  • Brainstorm and plan strategies using a “digital whiteboard” that supports an agile, iterative approach to team selling

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