A Better Brainstorming with Mind Maps

Mind maps are like virtual whiteboards that promote more creative thinking. Brainstorming sessions with MindManager are more productive because you can focus on gathering great ideas, and just drag-and-drop to create an organized plan. MindManager is more efficient, more powerful, and easier to use than any other brainstorming software out there. Quickly build on your ideas then assign tasks, establish priorities, and insert documents and links with just a click.

Think Visually with Mind Maps

Mind mapping enables you to visually capture ideas in brainstorming sessions without any limits on space, then organize and prioritize them in a relevant way that boosts understanding. You start with a central theme, and then add branches with different ideas, notes, attachments, links, and images to enhance your concepts and ideas. Your new brainstorming software does the heavy lifting for you.

Set Priorities and Take Action

Prioritize your work and add action items right into the mind map without duplication of effort, then assign tasks and timeframes to make your maps become live project dashboards where you can track progress against your deadlines.

Mind Maps are Easier than Spreadsheets

Better than spreadsheets or lists, MindManager mind maps are interactive diagrams that let everyone see the big picture while keeping the details in context. Drag-and-drop editing makes it easy to re-organize ideas by topic or quickly change direction. Your brainstorming program will make your work less complicated.

MindManager for Brainstorming

Mind Mapping Inspires Innovation

Brainstorm with MindManager to inspire new ways of thinking that drive you and your team to consider alternative approaches and solutions. Choose from various predefined map parts to help you and your team define, refine and categorize your ideas.