Business Planning with Mind Maps

Improve analysis, communication and decision-making with MindManager mind maps. Business process mapping helps you build and review strategic plans, business cases, and sales account plans in a single view.

Get Started Faster

Built-in map templates and topics allow you to instantly create the outline for your analysis. Incorporate research using the embedded browser and built-in web search capabilities.

Validate Forecasts

MindManager’s visual budgeting tools encourage participation in “what-if” analyses.  Calculations are displayed instantly, in a format that’s much easier to grasp than a spreadsheet.

Present Your Analysis

Use MindManager’s analysis feature to create 2×2 matrix views of the information in your mind map. Pre-built views include SWOT, Boston Matrix, Risk vs. Reward, and more.

Review Account Plans

Create and update your sales account plans in mind maps to clearly lay out what you know about each account. Accelerate the management review process by showing annotated org charts, opportunity and risk analyses, and next step action plans—all in a single view.

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