Event Planning with Mind Maps

With MindManager mind mapping software you can create clear and complete event plans that capture every detail in a single view.

Get Started Quickly

Built-in map templates help you quickly lay out the essential elements of your event plan. Use MindManager as a virtual whiteboard to brainstorm goals, themes, and venue ideas. Just drag and drop topics to organize the details, and then add attachments and links to keep crucial information in reach.

Interactive Budgeting

Itemizing event budgets in the context of the plan helps everyone see the impact that individual changes have on the overall budget. MindManager automatically calculates planned and actual costs in a visual format that’s much easier to follow than a spreadsheet.

Gain Alignment on Assignments

Map out deliverables, due dates, dependencies and resources so everyone knows what they are doing, and when. And stay on track at a glance with graphic markers that clearly highlight priorities, completion status, and new information.

Create Better Presentations

Automatically create slides from MindManager mind maps to quickly create high-impact presentations. And changes that are made in slideshow mode are reflected in the map, so you can easily make on-the-fly changes while presenting your plans.