Information and Knowledge Management

MindManager simplifies information and knowledge management within teams and within the company. Shared information and valuable knowledge are placed in new contexts in an easy-to-understand way and are up to date and available centrally at any time. This improves understanding and communication significantly.

Use mind maps for brainstorming ideas
Always up to date and easy to access.

Always up to date and easy to access

Thanks to the well-organised representation of information that is connected together directly or by linking in a map, users can navigate to shared information quickly, even in different systems. Mind maps are simple to update and can partly sync automatically with other applications and map branches. This makes it possible to create information, knowledge, navigation or dashboard maps and a variety of other diagram types depending on content and purpose.

Researching is child’s play.

Researching is child’s play

Regardless of whether it concerns images, hyperlinks or blocks of text, any web content of the user’s choice can be easily incorporated into the map and edited further using the browser embedded in MindManager. Information from a range of Office applications, databases or SharePoint can also be integrated into the map using integration interfaces, import functions or simple links. This means that information from various sources can be recorded to show their relationships and be found easily without anything being overlooked.

Documenting knowledge without barriers.

Documenting knowledge without barriers

MindManager is also ideal for enabling employees to document their knowledge. While writing running text often causes difficulties, a map is quick to start and can be added to and restructured bit by bit. This enables lively thought and knowledge maps to develop that contain all the important information.

Long-lasting knowledge transfer.

Long-lasting knowledge transfer

Mind maps not only make it easy for information to be recorded intuitively and structured in a dynamic way, but also facilitate understanding and transparent communication. The visual representation allows us to understand, remember and learn for the longer term. In this way, information becomes useful knowledge that can also be shared with others in an easy-to-understand way. Read more about sharing maps.

Diagram or timeline.

Diagram or timeline

A range of visual representation forms can support communication of their contents considerably. This is why MindManager offers other structure and diagram types alongside the classic mind map, such as the org chart, timelineflowchart, or concept map.