Manage Meetings with Mind Maps

MindManager’s visual format makes it easy to get participants prepared to add more value to every meeting. When you plan meetings with mind maps, everyone comes in with all the documents and information they need, and they leave ready to take action.

Detailed Visual Agendas

Successful meetings start with agendas created in MindManager’s hierarchical format. Everyone can quickly see how the details relate to the top priority agenda items. Participants can prepare in advance for meaningful conversations, and it’s easy to incorporate feedback into the meeting map. Add notes and attach files from team members so you’ll have everything in one place during live meetings.

meeting management

Productive Conversations

Mind maps let you share ideas on a virtual whiteboard where you can add everyone’s contribution in real time and then distribute a complete set of notes immediately after the meeting. MindManager lets you highlight meaningful connections and clearly prioritize needs while you build out ideas. A meeting mind map is a sharable, organized, and understandable record of your conversation.

Clarify Action Items

Quickly move from planning to execution by assigning tasks, priorities, and deadlines right in the meeting map. Comments and decisions can be documented so everyone is prepared for next steps, and participants leave the meeting knowing what’s happening, who’s assigned to each task, and when action items are due.