MindManager assists with the visualisation of processes and concepts. For this purpose, there are flexible diagram types and dynamic illustration options available that can be used across process methods and can be combined depending on the requirement.

Planning and optimisation of processes

As a planning tool, MindManager assists with defining requirements and objectives, recording interview and discussion outcomes quickly, playing out and evaluating alternative processes easily, and flexibly integrating ideas for optimisation.

Rapid visualisation of processes

MindManager allows the user to create a wide range of diagram types very quickly and dynamically, and provides ease and flexibility in amending and adapting them. A range of templates for flowcharts and swim lane diagrams make it easy to get started.

Deep understanding

The visual clarity and the option to choose the appropriate form of representation facilitate understanding, particularly for new employees who need to become familiar with established processes.

Combination with maps and map functions

For maximum understanding of information, process representations can also be combined with conventional mind maps as desired. The familiar map functions in MindManager are particularly useful, such as linking to further information, describing priorities or adding resources.

MindManager as a tool within a process

Even within an established process, MindManager often serves as the ideal tool for implementation, whereby process stages and status can be recorded, or warning indicators can be built in for whenever limit values are exceeded or not met. Knowledge maps support the effective execution of processes. As an example, read about this in the user report from Messfeld, where complex machinery is depicted in maps. (FMEA, root cause analysis, condition monitoring)

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