Managing Projects with Mind Maps

Successful project management depends on effective management of expectations and commitments. MindManager mind mapping software helps you keep teams in alignment on the decisions and tradeoffs that determine if a project will meet goals and deadlines. Create a blueprint for your project by defining goals, prioritizing issues, capturing stakeholder input, and validating requirements—all in one application.

Visualize Goals

Clearly defining goals and prioritizing issues means getting input—and more importantly, buy-in—from the entire team. MindManager mind maps give project teams a virtual whiteboard for brainstorming where every idea and concern can be surfaced and cataloged. MindManager maps help teams think visually so they can quickly lay out deliverables and identify any gaps in the plan.

Validate Requirements

Adequately validating requirements is the first step to ensuring project success. Quickly capture stakeholder input in a format that encourages participation. Verify decisions by visually ordering and reordering topics, drilling down to review details, and using priority markers to provoke essential trade-off discussions.

Manage Resources

Use MindManager mind maps to create detailed process maps to intelligently allocate resources and identify dependencies. MindManager helps everyone involved see the big picture and all the details in context. And if needed, you can export straight to Microsoft Project.

Adjust and Optimize

Quickly make adjustments when schedules and resources change. The task roll-up feature shows the overall impact of changes to assignments and dependencies so that everyone can understand (and respond to) the implications of schedules and budgets. Integrated Gantt charts provide a timeline view of your schedule.

Agree on Budgets

Create and manage project budgets in the project mind map alongside priorities and schedules—all in one place. Use the Autocalc feature to quickly set up formulas throughout your map and use the formula editor to add more sophisticated calculations. Conduct “what if” analyses by dragging topics into or out of the formula’s range to immediately adjust the calculations.

Be Prepared

MindManager helps you get started faster with project map templates and pre-built map topics for creating project charters, plans, status, and timelines. Once you create a project, you can save your working mind map as a custom template to guide future work, reducing the time needed to start your next project. And if projects require Six Sigma processes, integrating maps into Six Sigma programs provides much-needed visual support for planning, brainstorming, and meeting management.