Task and Project Management

MindManager is often used as the key tool for project planning and task management. In addition to major PM systems, MindManager acts as the visual front-end to support the creative planning stage and the detailed sub-projects that are not represented in the conventional project management systems. It also provides a visual overview of all details. In smaller and more medium-sized projects, MindManager is the ideal solution for all project stages. The intuitive handling is an important advantage for anyone who is unable or unwilling to work with a complex PM system.

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Task and Project Management4 Task and Project Management
Successful project team

Successful project team

The shared development and visualisation of objectives, priorities and requirements and ‘the big picture’ facilitate similar levels of understanding and team communication. The ease of use of MindManager also enables all members of a project team to work in mind maps, even without any knowledge of project management or extensive training. Read our whitepaper on how visualization leads to better project management.

Transparent communication.

Transparent communication

The visualisation of project content facilitates communication with the project stakeholders, regardless of their level of knowledge or technical language. In addition, MindManager is so flexible that the widest range of project management methods can be mapped.

Follow up of tasks

Task Follow-up

Counteracting an overload of resources in good time and being able to view the status of time-critical tasks at any time form an essential contribution towards the success of a project. Different views in MindManager and the ease of updating and amending task information facilitate project management and communication within the team. For example, the interactive Gantt chart in particular, which is integrated in MindManager, also provides a further visual representation of individual tasks.

Useful integrations into other systems.

Useful integrations into other systems

The available integrations into Microsoft Project, Sharepoint, Outlook or Excel make it possible, for task management in particular, to link visual map views with other tools being used, ensuring that they are always up to date thanks to synchronisation.

Dashboard and budgets

Dashboards and budgets

Overviews can also be created across multiple project maps, in order to have all information available at a glance. In addition, it is possible to create numerous invoices in MindManager. Using the budget planning feature, various scenarios can be played through dynamically and filtered, without having to perform a new calculation manually.