On-Demand Webinar

3 efficient ways to plan your 2017 tasks [January 2017]

Happy New Year! These early days of 2017 are the ideal time to implement your first New Year resolutions. With MindManager, you may not be able to quit smoking or exercise more, but you can start better planning and organising your 2017 activities.
In this webinar, we’ll show you three efficient ways to do that by creating and using :

  • a Road Map to structure and visualise your ideas, tasks, deadlines, goals, KPIs & budget.


  • a Knowledge Map to organise and access all your assets (documents, websites, links, …) from a single & centralised view.


  • a Meeting Map to consolidate your meetings notes, highlight key decisions & results and easily create follow-up notes.


Date: January 2017
Duration: 1 hour (including a Q&A session)
Speaker: Aaron Rodericks, Customer Success Manager at Mindjet
Audience: MindManager users and non-users, from Beginner to Advanced levels
Product: MindManager and MindManager Enterprise for Windows