On-Demand Webinar

Take Flight with MindManager 2018! / 11. October 2017

Surface and view content, analyze information and communicate meaning, automate your maps’ responsiveness to critical changes, and even build entirely new maps from the ground up.
Be the first to discover the power of MindManager 2018 for Windows and how it supports your personal way of working and working in a team.
You’ll be curious to discover:

  • Digital Architect – New ways to create interactive diagrams, like Venn diagrams, SWOT and matrices.
  • Priority and Schedule Views – Harmonize your project’s priorities and timelines with two new interactive planning views.
  • SmartFade – quickly see your information in the appropriate context with this intelligent new filtering function.
  • Dashboard Wizard – increase your viewers’ engagement and understanding with conditional formatting.
  • Publish – jump from planning to action with a sharing tool that makes your maps easily accessible to everyone

MindManager Enterprise users, or those who would like to become MindManager Enterprise users, can also look forward to:

  • Gantt Pro: Add resources, task relations and other details within the Gantt Pro view.
  • SharePoint Integration: control which properties are populated from SharePoint into your maps with the deeper and tighter integration of MindManager 2018 for Windows

Rainer Obesser will give you an overview of MindManager 2018 for Windows and the new features of MindManager Enterprise.

The webinar is interesting for: all those who are interested in the new MindManager 2018 for Windows and the new features of MindManager Enterprise
Presenter: Rainer Obesser (Mindjet Consultant)